Are you in a relationship that looks idyllic on the surface but doesn’t feel quite right?

Have you struggled to make sense of why your partner acts certain ways and disregards your feelings? If so, it may be time to take a closer look at the type of person you’re dating: he or she might have a narcissistic personality.

Sure, we all can have moments where our egos are running a bit too high, but genuine narcissists display patterns of thought and behavior that can damage relationships and wreak havoc in their partners’ lives.

Here are 12 signs that show you may be dealing with a narcissist – learn them now to save yourself from future heartbreak!

They love being in charge of everything

They believe in all sense they are above everyone around them, they believe they are superior over everything, so they see boundaries or rules as a challenge for them.

They don’t care about your feelings

With experience, I have learned that a Narcissist can’t care about your feelings whatsoever, they believe other people should serve their purpose. 

They have issues with Authority

I have been in a conversation with someone, who says the diagnostics given to her by a trained psychologist was wrong, she believes that other people’s intelligence is lesser than theirs.

They can dominate a conversation

A Narcissist would always find a way to feed their ego, either through a conversation or making sure they talk all the time. Even if the conversation is about you, they would always find a way to dominate and make it be about themselves.

They have a charming and confident personality

This is the major thing that attracts people to them in the first place, they can be very charming and goals all the way just to impress you.

They would challenge you negatively 

Dating a Narcissist, be ready for endless arguments. A Narcissist never wants to admit he/she is wrong, rater they love pulling out memories and make you question the view of reality.

They start charming and end up uninterested

At first, they would like to build up their charisma and make you feel like you are on their level, and the minute you don’t live up to their expectations, they become uninterested.

Their reputation is important

The moment they are caught doing anything bad, rather than asking for forgiveness, they would prefer you don’t destroy their reputation amongst people. They always love to maintain their superiority.

They believe emotions is a sign of weakness

Narcissistic aren’t big fans of emotions, on their good days they could comfort you and make you feel good about yourself, on their worst day, they would make you feel worst because you showed a sign of weakness.

No sense of boundaries

The number one thing a Narcissist doesn’t like is being told what to do, a Narcissist will do everything I’m their power to make sure you don’t get in their way.

You would become a character in their drama

They always love to play the hero in their stories. Whether it’s them rescuing a dog from a tree to saving a man from a burning house, you would always be a side character in that story.

They demand full control over you

You would never a Narcissist claim he/she is out of control, they don’t like making people see them losing their cool.

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