50 Morning Affirmations To JUMP-START Your Day!

50 Positive Morning Affirmations To JUMP-START Your Day!

Waking up to a new day is one of the greatest pleasures of life. But like life itself, every new day comes with a truckload of opportunities and challenges. To harness these opportunities and avoid the challenges that come with being alive, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically to get through each day smiling. The pleasures of life await those who wrap themselves in positivity through self-affirmation and motivation. By speaking positive words to yourself every day, you can relieve stress and gain confidence for a happier existence. Hence, the topic of today; morning affirmation.

What is morning affirmation

Morning affirmations are positive statements people say to themselves in the morning to help them get through their day. Simply put, they are affirmative thoughts and beliefs that we say and repeat to ourselves in the morning, to rekindle our passion, strength, and agility. You can use morning affirmations in diverse ways and say them out loud or whisper them to your reflection in the mirror. You can even reminisce on happiness-inducing thoughts as you prepare yourself for the hustling and bustling of the day.

Morning affirmation works wonders, and if you make it a lifestyle, it can foster a happier and healthier existence.

Where can one find these happiness-inducing statements, you may ask? Well, they are everywhere. You can find them online, on paperbacks, or you can create one that completely embodies your situation. The best morning affirmations are straight forward and powerful with little or no grammatical obscurity. In other words, they are simple to read and understand and require little or no stress to memorize.

The best morning affirmations

As personality and lifestyle differ from person to person, that is how morning affirmations differ for different individuals. With that said, the best morning affirmations are quintessential of how you see yourself. Morning affirmations are meant to boost your confidence and positivity. So don’t hesitate to go all-out in collating the most powerful affirmations for your list.

By speaking these positive words to yourself, you can change your life and that of people closest to you.


Tips for getting the most out of these morning affirmations...

  • Listen to these affirmations first thing when you wake up for the very best results. By taking these affirmations in before you go about any other tasks you’ll be ensuring that you start your day in a positive mind frame that’s likely to carry through throughout your day.


  • As will all affirmations repitition works wonders and each re-listen and re-watch will help to further cement these affirmations into your sub-concious allowing you to get the most from them.


  • If you can listen using good headphones and in a quiet environment where you will be unlikely to be interrupted!


  • New to affirmations? Be sure to get our free affirmation starter pack by clicking here which contains 101 expertly crafty daily affirmations that have been designed to enhance all areas of your life!


I`m grateful to be alive!

positive morning affirmations

Today will be a great and productive day.

I will finish my tasks with joy today.

I choose to focus on the positive.

positive morning affirmations

I am surrounded by positive and loving people.

I make great decisions.

Each day is filled with joy & abundance.

positive morning affirmations

Life is a beautiful gift.

I am a happiness magnet.

Good energy is flowing through me.

Success is all around me.

I am attracting wealth and prosperity.

I am filled with love, hope and confidence.

I will manifest new business opportunities today.

I am worthy of success and wealth.

positive morning affirmations

Today I will be full of ideas.

Success and abundance are my birthright.

I believe in myself and my capabilities.

Every day I am becoming a better version of myself.

I radiate with self-confidence and self-esteem.

I will be a better version of myself today.

positive morning affirmations

I will make the most of this day.

I am aligned with my higher self.

I manifest abundance easily

I am surrounded by beautiful things.

An abundance of wealth comes naturally to me.

positive morning affirmations

I manifest abundance easily.

I am surrounded by beautiful things.

An abundance of wealth comes naturally to me.

All my relationships are healthy and loving.

My happiness grows stronger every day.

positive morning affirmations

I will think only positive thoughts today.

I will attract happy people today.

Happiness flows through me.

I am attracting great joy into my life

I am filled with an abundance of happiness.

I am grateful.

I am attracting abundance into my life.

positive morning affirmations

I am calm and at peace.

I trust the process of life.

I am a unique being with amazing abilities.

I attract positive things and people in my life.

I am happy, healthy and in love with life.

I am committed to improving my wellbeing.

I choose to do great things today.

Today I will enjoy every moment to the fullest.

positive morning affirmations

Today I will be kinder, smarter and wiser.

I honor my responsibilities with joy.

I gladly accept every challenge that life unfolds.

I am ready to start the day.

I am in charge of my life.

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