A Narcissist personality

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Generally, there are several types of Narcissist disorders, this is considered to be a mental disorder whereby a sense of more importance is placed on themselves. They are always troubled when admiration or attention is not given to them, and they are the ones you would least get empathy from.


But behind those shield walls, they are most fragile when you criticize them. Such disorder causes havoc at work, school, or important business meetings. They would flare up if certain admiration or appreciation isn’t given when they want one. A lot of people can testify that they do not always being around them when they start to act up. Treatment for such disorder focuses on a Psychotherapy treatment.

Symptoms of a Narcissistic personality

There are several signs and symptoms that you could use to detect a Narcissist, however, it could vary, because people with such traits could:

  • They would always exaggerate their sense of importance.
  • Give themselves a title and would expect admiration from people.
  • Always wants to be recognized as superior without any warrant for it.
  • They would always try to exaggerate their talents.
  • Become lost in thoughts about power, beauty, or intelligence.
  • Always think they are better than everyone, and associate themselves with special people.
  • Overcome a conversation and become the center of attraction, thereby making others feel inferior.
  • Expect special favor with any questions.
  • Use other people to get what they set their mind to.

In several cases, people with a Narcissist personality disorder would always find it hard to take criticism because they would: 

  • Become very angry and impatient.
  • Become enraged and begin to speak highly of themselves, thereby belittling others.
  • Might find problems handling stress and flexibility to change.
  • Become moody because they didn’t meet a certain expectation.


Research has shown that there is no way to pinpoint the cause of Narcissistic behavior because the disorder is quite complex. However, Narcissistic personalities can be linked to :

  • Environment: sometimes there could be a mismatch between a parent and their child, a parent could either excessively adore or excessively criticize a child, which could such a child livelihood.
  • Genetics: this could be a trait passed on to a child.
  • Neurobiology: this could be an altercation in the brain.

Risk factors

Statistics show that such behavior is most likely to affect a male more than a female, and it usually happens in their teens or early childhood. Keep in mind, not all children who show such traits have the disorder, it could just mean that it is only typical of their age. Although the cause of such traits isn’t known, scientists believe that children vulnerable to poor parenting, overprotection, or neglect could likely lead a child to have such a disorder. Of course, genetics would also play its own role in building one to having a Narcissistic personality disorder. 

The best way in preventing any of these is by either getting treatment as early as possible or take the chances of attending family therapy from time to time.

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