About The Earth Sign

The earth sign comprises of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They are known for being pragmatic, reliable and grounded, much like their element; the earth. The earth sign is a doer, this means that rather than simply talk about things, they would go out of their way to make a plan and take the steps necessary towards getting these things done. They are very reliable as they like to solve problems. Tend to be traditional and are quite rooted. They also have a deep sense of loyalty and this makes it difficult for them to give up on relationships and people that they care about. 

The three signs that make up the earth sign have certain similar characteristics that can be attributed to their element; the earth. 

They like Security

Much like the earth gives security to the life that springs from it, the earth sign like to provide security for themselves and their loved ones. They do not like to take unnecessary risks and they like to make sure that they and the people around them are safe. If they had their way, the world would be a safe place. They like to think things through and are not prone to making flighty decisions. Most carefully evaluate their options and weigh the advantages and the disadvantages before they make any decisions.

Earth Signs Are Dutiful

In the same way that the earth is responsible for the life that grows out of it, the earth sign has a deep sense of responsibility and duty. This carries in every aspect of their lives, from their relationships to their work. This makes them very dependable and reliable among all of the signs. They are always looking for ways to make everyone feel ok and they are always there to share burdens, take responsibility and help in finding solutions.

They Are Hard-Working

In the same way that is earth is tough, this is the same way the earth sign is tough.

They are not afraid of hard work no matter how fragile they may look. They are resilient and are very willing to get down and dirty to get things done. This combined with their affinity for perfection. Their need to analyze every single detail make them excellent at handling large tasks.

They are also very resourceful and can come up with solutions to a problem almost out of nothing.

They Are Hard-Headed

The earth when tough is known for being very tough and almost impenetrable. The earth sign is the same. They can be very attuned to their ways and refuse to see things any other way. This is because they are practical and when something makes sense to them practically, it can be very difficult to get them to look at it from another perspective. They can also be very resistant to change especially when it comes suddenly and tends to upset the values and standards they have come to know. 

They Are Grounded

The same way the earth provides support to a 100-year-old oak tree is the same way the earth sign is grounded. They are practical and level headed. They do not tend to get carried away by things that seem nice or by fantasy. Their analytic character makes them focused on the real world and help them to see things as they are. They are realistic and strict.

The earth sign is a very persistent one, they are strong and resilient, they are practical and grounded. They bring about balance to a world of fantasy. When they set their minds to something, they always see it through.

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