About The Libra Sign

The Libras season is from the 23rd of September to the 22nd of October. The sign symbol is the scales and the element is air. Their ruling planet is Venus and they are the seventh zodiac sign. This sign is the first of the last 6 zodiac signs and it is the first of different signs of the zodiac. The last 6 signs of the zodiac are more focused on people than they are on the individuals themselves. 

Libras are by nature partners. They never want to be alone. And for this reason, they are more focused on how people relate with them than they are on themselves. As far as a Libra is concerned, things are better done in pairs. They are usually a better version of themselves when they are paired up. True to their sign which is the scale, Libras love balance and being fair. Even though they make excellent team players at work, the partnership where they most flourish is in marriage. 

The Personality Of A Libra

A Libra is by nature objective and would naturally always want the best for everyone. They do not like conflict and so they would like to do everything that they can to avoid it. This can easily lead people to see them as being indecisive and fickle but if it means` that the suspected conflict would be avoided, then a Libra would not mind being viewed in that light. 

Libras are natural strategists, they love to spearhead group organizations and would ensure that the job at hand gets done. It is also important to note that they are quite social and make great companions. 

Libras are lovers of beautiful things, they are cultured and well redefined. The most beautiful thing that they love however, just happens to be people. Their love for all things beautiful is what drives most Libras to excel at cocktail parties, theater, and even the opera. 

Having the air as their element, they are naturally high reaching especially in their minds which they love to challenge. They also love to communicate with people especially as regards their thoughts.

Why You Never Underestimate A Libra

Libras are charming, so much so that they always seem to know just what to say to make anyone feel instantly better. They also know just how to keep up such interesting conversations and more often than not need to take caution so as not to overstep their boundaries. This can many times make them come across as gossips or even vain considering just how much they love intrigue. 

They are naturally stylish as comes with being a beauty lover and they love to create beauty around them. They enjoy talking and this is their tool to get to know people. They always want to know more about people. As is in line with their being fair, they appreciate compromise and diplomacy. If all fails, a Libra would not mind making use of the force of their personality to persuade and charm people just to get their way. Do not get it wrong, they are not the manipulative sort they simply do not like conflict. 

They are generally polite and rather than fight would want to talk things out till the last detail. When they are faced with an opponent’s point of view, rather than get worked up about it, they would think it through as is normal with their spirit of cooperation. 

Libras love the outdoors, anything that has to do with being outside would interest a Libra person. The one thing that a Libra needs to be careful of however is bearing too much of burdens on themselves. 

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