The relationship between Aquarius and Taurus is known to be a very rocky one.

Going by their personality traits, they are not the best of pairs together.

Aquarius and Taurus are known to be very stubborn beings, and unchangeable when they make a resolve. Aquarius is a progressive and always seeks ways to better their future, this is unlike the Taurus who is a traditionalist and wishes to make very little or no change to their routines.

An Aquarius will find Taurus a boring partner, the Taurus will get annoyed by Aquarius’s ever-changing pattern.

But in a case these two can work out their differences, they stand to be an unmovable force.

Aquarius and Taurus personality Traits

The Taurus is the second astrological sign in the zodiac. They are represented by the bull and have their element as earth and ruled by Venus.

Taurus is overly stubborn and hardy. They are one of the most stable signs in the zodiac. They are a loyal and reliable set of individuals, considering that they hardly make changes on something they have agreed on earlier. Taurus is also known to be very ambitious.

Aquarius which is the 11 astrological sign of the zodiac, has its element as air, governed by Uranus and represented by the water bearer.

Aquarius are good comminates, very good in making friends and connecting with people. They are known to be progressives, and strong intellectuals, always engaged in one intellectual conversation or the other.

Aquarius can also be stubborn, loves their independence, and are rebellious when restrained.

Aquarius and Taurus friendship compatibility

The friendship between these 2 signs can be rocky and beautiful, the formal is the most likely outcome in most cases.

Taurus do not respect the idea that an Aquarius needs their independence and freedom at times, An Aquarius will find it hard to relate with a dominating Taurus.

An Aquarius is a progressive and always looks for new ways to tackle thins, which is so unlike the Traditionalist Taurus who doesn’t make such quick changes to their patterns or schedules.

A Taurus will find Aquarius’s ability to churn out beautiful ideas beautiful but will find it hard to keep up with all of these ideas.

For some time, they might find each other company thrilling, as there explore themselves newly, but when the Taurus runs its full course, they tend to run out of ideas and move back to their conservative state.

Aquarius does not love to be tied down, they love their ability to roam and make their choices, are conservative Taurus might not be okay with that and will most likely try to dominate to stop that effect.

In as much as a friendship between both signs can be rocky, and understanding between both of them can make for a very formidable friendship.

Aquarius and Taurus love and sex compatibility

The relationship between both signs is a no go area. Judging by their personality traits, they have almost no chance of forming a strong bond.

The Taurus will certainly find the Aquarius spontaneous character very annoying and crazy, and the Aquarius might see the unchangeable Taurus as boring.

It will be difficult to find a common ground between these two signs. In spite of all these problems, Taurus also presents a strong intellect, both signs are good communicators and can find their company and conversation very entertaining.


However if they can take time to have a conversation and settle their differences, the love shared between both parties can be formidable, as they both are overly stubborn and looks to protect their ideas and their minds when it is made up of anybody or opinion.