Carefully defining traits of an Aquarius can be tough at times, considering the fact that they are spontaneous and unusual, nevertheless, there are still basic traits seen in all Aquarians, their intelligence, independence, rebellious nature, ability to hide their feelings ad a lot more.

Some of these traits can also turn out to be negative. Let us take a look at these personality traits;

Positive Traits

  • Independence

This is one of the fundamental traits of all Aquarians. An Aquaria accumulates lots of friends and connections from different works of life during their lifetime, but in all of this, they are still regarded as Loners. They prefer to be independent of any deep connections that will restrain their freedom in any way or compromise their ideas.

  • Intelligent

The best way to get close to an Aquarian is through a show of intelligence, they love intelligence. Aquaiansae intelligent beings, they spend most of their time with their friends engaging them in intellectual debates, and trying to either pass or acquire a certain amount of knowledge. some times, they are engrossed in their own thoughts

They also see themselves as problem solvers, in fact, they are problem solvers. They always think of ways to better the future. They seek to find possibilities in every form of challenges they encounter.

  • Unique

Aquarians are know to be very innovative beings, in fact, they are the most innovative and unique of all the zodiacs. Using their intelligence, they spend time thinking about possibilities and ideas to better their surroundings. when it comes to thinking outside the box to come up with solutions and comprehensive ideas to better their society, they are famously good at that, this they take pride in. At some point, they can be tagged eccentric, for their uncommon and unheard of ideas.

  • Visionaries

Aquarians are future thinkers. they are strong progressives, always seeing ways to bring positivities into the life of people around them and the world. They are overly ambitious, compassionate, and have an absolute sense of justice. they take time to think about how to better the future and their environment.

  • Humanitarians

Of all the zodiacs, Aquarius is the most Humanitarian of them all. Considering their compassionate nature and sense of justice, they are always at the forefront of Humanitarian services, from climate change to charities, and helping IDPs. Coupled with their problem-solving innovations, you will surely see them at the forefront of humanitarian services.

  • Unbiased

An Aquarian is a totally unbiased individual. They keep an open mind around people, are not judgemental, neither do they look down on people. The idiom “do not judge a book by its cover” perfectly fits an Aquarius.

  • Freedom

An Aquarius values their freedom a lot, they see themselves as free spirits. Any attempt to tie them down or cage them is always repelled, they might even turn rebellious in such cases.

Negative Traits

  • Unpredictable

The care-free spirit and uniqueness of the Aquarians also have their own downside. Being around Aquarians is full of surprises, you can never et to tell what they are about to do next or what they are thinking. Every day is an opportunity to know a new side of them.

  • Rebellious/Stubborn

Their independent lifestyle coupled with their intellect tends to make it very hard to bend an Aquarius. They always protect their ideas to whatever length and find it had to change their mind. In a case where they feel their freedom o boundaries threatened by someone trying to connect deep, they might turn rebellious.

  • Rigid

Even though Aquarians are know to be very compassionate, they still lack general emotions and are insensitive. Aquarians, do not like people connecting deeply to them. They occasionally take time to detach themselves from the world and spend time alone.