Positive Thinking Affirmations

51 Positive Thinking Affirmations Positive thinking affirmations Need a break from the negative thoughts that have clouded your mind making you second guess yourself? Well, look no further. Positive thinking affirmations can help you overcome your worries and fears, whilst purging negative thoughts from your mind. Life, they say, stems from our thoughts. Thus, what […]

I Am Affirmations

51 Positive I AM Affirmations I am affirmations Want to remind yourself of who you are, what you can do, and who you can be? “I am affirmations” can help you formulate, perpetuate, and affirm your optimal image of yourself. As humans, we tell ourselves stories every day, and depending on the type of story […]

Top 50 Most Powerful And Positive Affirmation For Women

50 Positive Affirmation For Women Positive Affirmation For Women As women, we represent the beacon of love and affection in society. But while the community expects us to keep looking good flashing sparkly white teeth that are half concealed by lipstick and Mascara. Sometimes we just don’t have the strength to radiant the love and […]

positive affirmations for anxiety

50 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety Anxiety affirmations Fear and anxiety are two ends of the same stick. And regardless of how cultured you are, you are bound to experience them at least once in your lifetime. From delivering an important speech at work to walking through a dark alleyway alone, countless situations can trigger anxiety. […]

Top 50 Health Affirmations

50 Positive Health Affirmations Health affirmations Over the years, positive affirmations have helped many people become better versions of themselves. Even more amazing is how health affirmations are helping patients, across the world, recuperate from sickness and disease. Thus, If you want to improve your health to feel vibrant and amazing again, you should include […]

Self Love Affirmations To Inspire Your Life

51 Positive Self Love Affirmations To Inspire Your Life Self-love affirmations We travel through life growing and establishing relationships with different people. But our take away from this amalgamation of interactions is that your relationship with people is only temporal. You are living on borrowed time with each friend you make on this rocky path […]

spiritual affirmations

51 Spiritual Affirmations To Get You Through The Day Spiritual affirmations There is a unique connection between cerebral structure and the thoughts conjured in our brains. According to neuroscientists, the functions of our brain can be impacted by our beliefs and the way we think. Thus, by using affirmative statements consistently, you can create new […]

daily motivational affirmations

50 Daily Motivational Affirmations Motivational affirmations ¬†Getting motivated to start or complete a task is something that comes naturally to most people. However, from time to time, some of us might need an extra push to get through the hustling and bustling of the day. This push can come in the form of advice, motivational […]

law of attraction affirmations for love

51 Positive Love Affirmations To Attract Love! Love affirmations Love is beautiful, kind, like a calming breeze in an ocean storm that sweeps us away in a refreshing ambiance. But while love is all these things and more, sometimes it can prove elusive to the best of us. As humans, we can’t live without nourishment […]

50 Morning Affirmations To JUMP-START Your Day!

50 Positive Morning Affirmations To JUMP-START Your Day! Waking up to a new day is one of the greatest pleasures of life. But like life itself, every new day comes with a truckload of opportunities and challenges. To harness these opportunities and avoid the challenges that come with being alive, you must prepare yourself mentally […]