Cleansing Methods for Crystal Healing and Gemstone Bracelets

Crystal and gemstone bracelets are used to help align the chakras, promote the positive flow of energy in the body and expunge the body of toxins and negative energy.

It is also used in performing healings in the physical, spiritual and mental capacities. When these gemstones and crystals are used, they tend to lose their energies or trap in other energies and as a result of this, it is essential to ensure that your crystals and gemstone bracelets are properly cleansed.

Crystal Healing and Gemstone Bracelets

This cleansing helps to not only purge the crystal or gemstone of the trapped energy, but it also helps to re-energize and revitalizes the stones to enable its continuous and effective use.

Different effective methods can be used in cleansing the crystal or gemstone bracelet and while the stones ordinarily can be cleansed by the sun, salt, and water, it is not recommended for a bracelet as it can cause damages to the bracelet.

However, if you do decide to cleanse your bracelet by these means, it is best to remember not to leave your bracelet soaked in saltwater and not to leave it standing out in the sun. The damages that can occur include the fading of the crystal due to sun rays and the melting of the crystals in water.

The recommended methods for cleansing of crystal and gemstone bracelets are by the full moon, by smudging and with rice. This is how they work.

Full Moon

This can be carried out in 2 ways, outdoor and indoor


In this method, you would place the stone outside on a flat surface overnight and cover it with either a glass bowl or a jar to protect it from any unexpected rains or wind. It is important to remember to always check the weather forecast for signs of storms, rain or wind as they are likely to cause damages to the stones.

Crystal Healing and Gemstone Bracelets


In the indoor method, you simply have to place the bracelet on a window sill overnight and ensure that the moonlight is visible through that window. 

When cleansing your crystal or gemstone bracelet by the full moon it is important to remember to take them in first thing in the morning. This is to avoid any damage from sunlight.


For this method, you simply place your bracelet in a bowl of rice and cover it completely overnight. This would allow the rice to draw out the impurities from the stone. It is important to note that the rice used for this should not be consumed, it should be disposed of.


This method is carried out using dried sage for maximum effectiveness and would also require the use of an ash dish. In this method, the smudge stick is lit up and the flame blown out. The bracelet is then passed through the smoke until the smoke clears out and then the smudge stick can be stubbed out in the dish. Get Sage here

These 3 cleansing methods ensure minimal damage to your bracelet and maximum effect.

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