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The Benefits Of Burning Sage

eliminates 94% of air-borne germs

The examination shows that burning up sage, also known as smudging, decreases air-borne bacterias by 94%. Inside an area by using an hour approximately.

Clears Negative Energy

One of the most common ways of removing bad energy from your environment.

Drives Away Bad Spirits

Burning sage helps send out any spirit clinging to your new home, office or car.

Purifies Your Home

Saging after a fight with your significant other or children can help take away the negative energy.

It Cleanses Your Mind

It can help you let go of emotional or physical trauma.

Creates A Beautiful Fragrance

Sage contains a beautifully scented fragrance that speaks of purity. It can be used as air freshener, it helps in controlling a high amount of odor.

Are You Always Seeing 1111?

Sagittarius Women and Body Positivity

Are you a Sagittarius woman looking for ways to have more body positivity in your life? As someone who is naturally curious, passionate and independent, it can be difficult to forge a path that is true and authentic to the individual. We all know that the world of media and advertising bombard us with messages about what’s “ideal” when it comes to bodies. Nevertheless, as Sagittarius women, we should remember that our worth goes far beyond what we look like – beauty truly does radiate from within! In this blog post I will share tips on how you can practice self-love and embrace body positivity as a strong and confident Sagittarian woman. Read on for actionable advice that could help move you towards finding more balance in this area of your life.

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We know what its like because we’ve been there too – feelings of inadequacy can drive us towards self-sabotaging behavior without even realizing where those thoughts came from; yet through practicing gratitude (and lots more) has helped transform lives forever just by making one simple change: telling yourself “yes” instead sometimes yeses