What Does Sage Do To Spirits?

Sage is a plant with a history in different cultures and religions. The herb was used in ancient Egypt, by the Native Americans, and by Buddhists. Through the centuries sage has been used for healing cough, menstrual cramps, muscle inflammation, worms and retaining memories.

The herb gained its importance when the Navajo started using it to dissolve parasites such as worms. They also used it during ceremonies to chase balance energy and chase bad spirits.

Sage contains properties that can balance energies, purify them and cleanse negative thoughts from the mind. This makes it good for expelling negative presence, including spirits. So when moving to a new space or buying a fairly used car, it is good to burn sage and smudge it. Burning sage helps send out any spirit clinging to your new home, office or car.  

To remove spirits residing in your space, here is what you should do.

1. Gather the tools needed for Saging 

To expel spirits from your space, you need to begin by gathering the materials for Saging. The process of sending spirits away begins the moment you start gathering your materials so ensure you have your intentions in mind when you start. 

While there are numerous plants you can choose to expel spirits from your home, white sage is the best choice. This sage has been used for many centuries for good reason. It has a heavy presence that lingers longer and easily finds hidden spaces. This makes it the best choice for locating spirits and driving them out. To drive spirits from a big house, white sage is the best option. 

After getting your sage stick ready, get matches and some candles. You can light up the candles as a fire element while you carry out the ritual of expelling spirits from your home. 

Lastly, a fireproof container should be available to help hold in embers, sage pieces or ashes. Abalone shell is the best fireproof container as it provides a water element for the ritual. If you don’t have this shell, you can use ceramic plates or clay bowls. 

2. Start Saging

Light up the sage and move with it all over your home to chase spirits. Make sure the windows and doors are open so that the spirits can find their way out of your home. 

Asides from moving into a new home, you can also sage when you receive gifts from people. Saging carries out a psychic, spiritual and emotional purification, taking away any negative energy that attracts spirits. It also blesses your home, preventing spirits from returning to reside in it.

3. Say a prayer

You must say a prayer while burning sage. If you simply burn sage without a clear intention of what you desire, it might only clear the air of germs. Vocalize what you intend to achieve. You can repeat “I want any lingering spirit gone from my home” while you sage your rooms. 

If you feel like bad spirits are residing in your home, burn sage and expel them today!

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