I Am Affirmations

51 Positive I AM Affirmations

I am affirmations

Want to remind yourself of who you are, what you can do, and who you can be? “I am affirmations” can help you formulate, perpetuate, and affirm your optimal image of yourself.

As humans, we tell ourselves stories every day, and depending on the type of story that we tell ourselves, we’ll find joy or spiral downwards into a pool of emotions.

Therefore, we must tell stories that portray positivity, strength, and joy.

There are many variations to life, and the choice to pick between good from bad (positive from negative) is open to everyone. Choose what serves your joy and healing, and leave the rest.

While it is customary to seek greener pastures in places you have never been, some greener pastures may come with a truckload of challenges.

If you want to change anything about yourself or your situation, don’t look elsewhere for answers, start where you are.

Cliche or not, you have all it takes to inspire the change you desire. But, you’ll have to support yourself with I am affirmations to generate your expected results.

Expanding your horizon with I am affirmations

As humans, our brain functions are highly impacted by our thoughts. Thus, if you spend your time reminiscing on negative thoughts you’ll end up achieving lesser than your optimal capacity. However, if you are conscious of your potentials through I am affirmations, you can inspire the change you want.

Of course, you’ll need to repeat the statements a few times to enjoy such drastic outcomes. But if you make I am affirmations a habit, you can change your life and the world will be a whole lot better for it.

The upsides to I am affirmations

All things considered, the benefits of I am affirmations are innumerable. I am affirmations are statements that remind you of who you are, your potentials, and who you can become when your rationality is clouded by doubt.

If you practice I am affirmations often enough, you can build a wall of defense against negative thoughts.

Thus, helping you stay focused and rational when it seems impossible to think straight.

Self-doubt and fear are two emotions you don’t want to experience when you have something important going on. If you don’t find a way to stay calm when these emotions arise, you’ll be second-guessing yourself at every little opportunity.

As nothing good comes from second-guessing yourself, you’ll have to trick your brain back to its optimal state, by reciting your favorite I am affirmations.

When to use I am statements

Given that we are all susceptible to fear and self-doubt, no one is exempted from using I am statements.

Whether you are a student preparing for an exam, or a business owner working to save your business from bankruptcy, you’ll need I am affirmations to get you through the scary days.



There is no right place or time to use these affirmative statements, so use them as you see fit.

Tips for getting the most out of these morning affirmations...

Listen to these affirmations first thing when you wake up for the very best results.

By taking these affirmations in before you go about any other tasks, you’ll be ensuring that you start your day in a positive mind frame that’s likely to carry through throughout your day.

As will all affirmations repetition works wonders and each re-listen and re-watch will help to further cement these affirmations into your sub-conscious allowing you to get the most from them.

Works best if you can listen using good headphones and in a quiet environment where you will be unlikely to be interrupted!

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I AM sending love and light to every organ in my body.

positive morning affirmations

I AM enjoying moving my body in ways that feel good.


I AM feeling better and better every day.


I AM nourishing my body with food that makes it feel good.

positive morning affirmations

I AM observing my emotions without getting attached to them.


I AM aware that my body knows exactly what to do in order to heal itself.


I AM appreciating my body and all the pleasure it brings me.

positive morning affirmations

I AM grateful for my body and every amazing thing it can do.


I AM now lovingly releasing all blockages that had manifested in my body.


I AM grateful that my body is capable of healing on its own.


I AM grateful for this beautiful, healthy body that I have.


I AM relaxed, centered and refreshed in my present state of mind.


I AM energetic and grateful for my life.


I AM healing little by little, and there is no rush.


I AM a timeless, eternal being connected to the wisdom of the universe.

positive morning affirmations

I AM worthy of healing.


I AM releasing irritations that are trapped in my body.


I AM releasing the resentment that hurts me.


I AM forgiving and letting go of my mistakes.


I AM forgiving all those who have hurt me.


I AM calling in light and love to replenish my cells.

positive morning affirmations

I AM releasing worrisome thoughts that do not serve me.


I AM willing to listen to what my body is telling me.


I AM forgiving and releasing all that hurts me.


I AM allowing my cells to replenish and re-calibrate.


I AM letting go of all resistance.

positive morning affirmations

I AM allowing well-being to flow to me now.


I AM allowing my body to heal.


I AM getting stronger and healthier every day.


I AM Affirmations for Healing


I AM taking my needs seriously and not feeling guilty about it.

positive morning affirmations

I AM giving myself the love I’ve always needed.


I AM my own best friend.


I AM inhaling who I am, exhaling who I am not.


I AM surrounded by love.


I AM at peace with my past.


I AM fine just the way I am.


I AM able to tend to my needs.

positive morning affirmations

I AM allowed to express myself.


I AM free to learn and grow at my own pace.


I AM finding comfort in my own skin.


I AM introspective and eager to learn more about my own needs.


I AM ever-evolving and ever-expanding.


I AM worthy of connections that are loving, genuine and nourishing.


I AM open to seeing myself in new ways that serve my highest good.


I AM now seeing myself in a new, loving light.

positive morning affirmations

I AM getting to know myself on deeper levels.


I AM loving myself more and more every day.


I AM tending to my desires and needs with love and compassion.


I AM open to letting love flow into my experience now.


I AM a beautiful person inside and out.

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