Indigo: the color of the third eye chakra and meaning

The third eye chakra is said to be the energy center that controls deep inner knowing and intense wisdom. It had been linked to the color, indigo, or royal blue. 

Whenever the indigo chakra is talked about, what comes to mind is intense wisdom.

This color has been linked to the Divine and is said to give one a peek into what the world of divinity holds. This is also the hue that has been linked to the night.

The night is one time of the day that the senses are a lot finer and multiple aspects of the body are awake. The color is said to offer the different sense organs in the body, the needed clarity. If you want the organs of feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and talking to function well, having a balanced indigo chakra can help. 

Apart from it being linked to the five sense organs in the body, it also relates to the sixth sense, which is also called the third eye.

The indigo or royal blue is seen as a bridge that connects the physical with the supernatural, death and life, right and left hemispheres, and heaven to earth. 

This color is said to link parallel worlds together, especially life to death.  

The indigo color energy has also been seen as the energy of deep change. It permits the human body to turn the energies gotten from the lower chakras to the higher forms of spiritual vibrations.

Importance Factor Of Third Eye Chakra

It is important that while you explore this chakra that you are careful to ensure that you do not become unconnected with life. You are living on earth. Those that weren’t careful enter up losing important relationships with friends and family members. 

When the petals of your third eye chakra unfold, you will tend to see some patterns. You will end up noticing the place you once were in, the place you are currently in, and where you want to go to. 

Once your third eye becomes clear, you start to have many ‘Eureka’ moments when things become open to you.

Better Understanding With The Third Eye

Clarity and insight become something that you can easily bask in. Before when your third eye was closed, you may have issues are understanding what is ongoing in the world. Now that things have changed, you will be able to see the patterns and linked them to the bigger picture. You will understand what it means.

Having wisdom will now be a part of you, as you can understand what your wholeness is. Bask in the intense feeling of tranquility. You start to notice that your life can be consciously created.

You will understand what the future holds for you without you having to worry or become depressed about the future. 

Physically, the indigo has been linked to the eyes, pineal gland, pituitary gland, nose, forehead, brain, as well as the carotid nerve plexus. It is easy to tell those that have strong indigo energy levels apart from others who do not. You will notice a great spark in their eyes and see wisdom seeping from their eyes.

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