Smudging is a spiritual practice done around the world. People have adopted and practiced this tradition for centuries after centuries. During this practice, plants which include; sage, palo santo, sweetgrass are often fired up.

This sends the message that the ritual has started.  Countries that practice this ritual include; Buddhists, South and North America, Hindus and some other countries.

Smudging is believed to be capable of warding off evil and negativity from the lives of people. This has caused most people to turn it into a daily practice to ensure that they invite and retain positivity in their lives. 

You might ask, how is this ritual able to ward off evil? The smoke which is meant to cleanse is let into the atmosphere. The processes involved during smudging is to ensure that you, your space, your objects and every other thing you care about is totally cleansed and purified.


Sage is the most commonly used herb for smudging.  It’s used for several purposes according to your scheme. Through the burning of sage, the leaves let out a cloud of smoke that cleanses your home and refines the atmosphere. Involves literally burning the sage leaves and letting the smoke purify the air in your home.

Apart from burning sage (smudging), research has shown that it can be consumed from the inside in form of capsules, fluid, mist, pills or tablets.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved sage and it can be used as a food condiment or flavor. Asides that, sage has generally been acknowledged as a non-harmful item to the health.

If consumed without a doctor’s prescription, sage can have a very deadly consequence on the nervous system. It is, however, recognized that that or more drops of sage oil are going to have leave a harmful effect to the human body. 

Numerous possible consequences occur as a result of a lengthened habit of using sage and it includes; uneasiness, fast rate of heartbeat, dizziness, puking, kindle to the kidney, convulsions, and quiver. To avoid the aforementioned complications, you need to endeavor to see a doctor to prescribe properly the right dosage of sage to you.

There are, however, certain benefits that come with consuming sage internally:

  • Relief from unbearable sore throat
  • Protection against memory loss
  • Reduces depression
  • Improves the mood
  • Reduces severe inflammatory disease
  • Serves as a supplement for digestion
  • Relieves severe headache
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Protects against damage caused by free radicals

Studies have also proved that burning sage, does not affect children as well as pets. It’s very safe to use when children are around. But you have to be very sure that none of them are suffering from poor respiratory diseases it can lead to severe complications.

The Benefits of using a smudge home kit

A smudge home kit is made of certain herbs, a bowl, and a feather which helps to direct smoke which comes out during the ritual. Nonetheless, the smudge stick and herbs are the most important items for smudging. Everything contained in the kit fits into a medicine bag. Each of the herbs used for smudging has a function which they perform.

The ritual of smudging is globally done. Its act of purifying your atmosphere before nourishing yourself through the ritual can be likened to the natural act of having to wash your hands before you eat. North and South Americans have strongly concluded that the palo santo and sage are extensively potent amongst other plants used for this ritual.

One thing is for sure, smudging helps to ward off all forms of negativity. There are several other benefits of the smudge home kit. Read through this article, we have highlighted some of them.

1. It’s used in warding off negative energy

Smudging is essential for getting rid of negative vibes within your space. Space could be your home, office, class, car, clothing, etc.

You get to create an environment filled with positivity. Doing a smudging ritual, helps you concentrate on your life thereby positioning your mind to aim for self-improvement and development.

2. Used for cleansing yourself as well as distinct items

Through the act of burning sage, you get the most benefits of smudging. A fragrance that emits in the form of smoke is being used to cleanse oneself and other special objects. Special items might include new gifts, food items, shoes, etc. You can cleanse any kind of object or item that you want.

Sometimes, it’s also used to cleanse items that a bad history and have thoroughly disrupted one’s peace of mind. Cleanse these type of items, helps to bring a great deal of peace to the mind of the person that performed the ritual.

3. Smudging can help to improve one's mood

Smudging literary elevates your soul and mood. A study in 2014, proved that regular smudging is a potent remedy for relieving mood swings, anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders.

4. Gives relaxing effects

Smudging help to ease your nerves and relieves you of internal bother. Smudging helps to reduce your blood pressure, is proven to help lower blood pressure, rids off stress and anxiety and regularizes beer respiration rates.

The ions released during smudging go rapidly into your system and aids in relieving you of respiratory ailments.

5. Smudging increases your ability to sleep

The smudging ritual fights against negativity that might cause one to lose sleep. Some of the herbs used for performing the ritual are made up of substances that cure insomnia.

A type of sage known as Classic garden sage is periodically fired just like a white sage. People also believe that it can be used to increase one’s ability to sleep and it relieves one of distress.

6. It helps to boost one's ability to comprehend or understand.

Apart from protection against evil and negative vibes, smudging helps to boost one’s memory and gives them the ability to totally focus. 

7. Smudging boosts energy status

When you cleanse your body, bloodstreams, space, objects, and everything that concerns you off negativity, you start to experience this high level of energy that you’ve not felt in a long time.

Smudging is highly essential if you want to boost your energy status and the level of tiredness you tend to feel often. White prairie sage is a good option for smudging to boost your energy level.

8. Smudging creates a beautiful fragrance

Sage contains a beautifully scented fragrance that speaks of purity. It can be used as air freshener, it helps in controlling a high amount of odor.

9. It's used for purification

Due to the antimicrobial properties of sage, certain diseases and infections are being kept away. Like: bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

 The white sage is an anti-microbial. It has also been said to be able to stave off insects.

Materials needed for smudging

For an effective smudging ritual, there are some simple yet important items you will be needing. See them below:

  • A smudge stick e.g. sweetgrass, sage, cedar, etc.
  • Candle and lighter
  • A fireproof container and
  • A Bowl of sand

Burning sage (smudging) has been in existence in different countries and can help you to launch your sacred practice or even help you start your life all over again. If you have been battling with negativity all your life, purchasing the smudge home kit might be the prolonged answer to your pleas. It is a great start to positivity, good health, and purified space.

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