When in need of an uplifting and cleansing feeling, try Dragons Blood Sage.

White sage coated with dragons blood resin is powerful enough to cleanse your space while also healing you or protecting the energy that’s within it.

What does Dragon Blood sage do?

Red Sage is a herb that has been used for centuries by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. They would burn it as part of spiritual rituals to cleanse people or spaces, promote healing, and wisdom. It was also used in ancient Egypt during the time of Roman rule to treat digestive issues like gas pain or indigestion.

The resin is used in many ways such as varnishes, tooth-pastes, tinctures, dyes, in cosmetics, etc.

Dragons blood on its own is used in rituals and as incense – best when combined with other herbs and burnt on charcoal like the bakhoor that is found so easy in the Middle East.

White sage is known to clear out any negative energies from your space.

Loved by healers and dragons alike, this magical herb can be used in a variety of ways for safety purposes- whether it’s cleansing after a heavy session or shielding against the outside world during an especially intense period.

The most powerful combination: white sage paired with Dragons Blood!

White Sage Clears Out Negative Energies From Your Space

 White sages are loved among many different types of people because they have so many benefits when combined properly – not only does it cleanse negativity away, but also enhances all other healing properties on top if that wasn’t enough already… In fact one of its best qualities (which has been tested time and time again) is with meditation.

The Tree That Bleeds Dragon Blood

The Socotra dragon tree is an ancient and mystical plant with roots deep in the rich history of commercial use. The only place it can be found, Yemen’s island of Socotra, has a habitat within what was once known as ‘Dragonsblood forest’ on mountains made up from granite rocks.


The remarkable tree has been economically important for centuries. Local people value it as food for livestock: feeding very small quantities of berries to cows and goats improves their health, though they cause sickness in excess.

The ancient locals valued this wonderful plant by using its fruit on animals that would then improve the quality of milk or meat while also giving a bit when eaten yourself- but only if consumed in moderation!

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