Libra man Sagittarius woman

Are you a Libra man trying to look up the compatibility between you and a Sagittarius woman? Or are you a Sagittarius woman looking to understand if there’s really a good chance that you can settle with a Libra man? Well, you’ll get just the right information that you’re looking for in just a few minutes.

Libra and Sagittarius are closely related signs in the zodiac. These two are fun-loving individuals, they’re free-spirited, lively, playful, social, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Putting them together means that you’re looking for endless fun and enjoyment. In this article, we will try to consider the Libra man and the Sagittarius woman separately, then we’ll consider them as a pair. Just tag along.

The Libra man

A man born under the Libra sign is usually a free-spirited man. He’s sexy, romantic, fun-loving, and really genuine. He wants to help out whenever he can and most of the time, he has a solution to every problem. A Libra man isn’t so much of a trial giving person, however, he adapts easily to situations.


He has really strong charms that can make just about any woman fall in love with him and he usually knows how to maintain a relationship. The Libra man expects problems and this is what makes it easy for him to easily solve them. He anticipates problems and is hardly caught unawares, so when he’s in a relationship, he knows that a problem could arise and he already has a backup plan.

The Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman has so much in common with the Libra man. She’s also free-spirited, fun-loving, enthusiastic, optimistic, and all those high spirit adjectives. She’s open-minded and loves to try new things, she has a really broad but personal view about life and always seeks to make her life a lot better.

A Sagittarius woman would isn’t an easy lover. Yes, that’s a fact. She hardly opens up to commitment and as a matter of fact, she can decide to be with a man, have sex all she wants for a whole year and she still doesn’t consider the relationship as serious. To her, it’s just for the fun and the thrills. She’s funny, joyful, exudes happiness, and can make friends with anyone.

Libra man and Sagittarius woman when paired

Compatibility is an understatement when these two are matched. Although the bond starts from a friendship that could involve sexual intercourse every once in a while. They could be together for a good long while and not mention anything to each other about a serious relationship.


One thing is for sure though, they’ll always want to be around each other because of the quality energy they share and this is usually what leads them to get in a real romantic relationship with each other.


The Sagittarius woman is a lover of journeys, she wants to go everywhere her heart dreams of, and because the Libra man is adaptive, he’d begin to fall in love with the idea. They’ll go on trips together, as a matter of fact, they could plan a trip to a gorgeous place just to have sex.


The duo has a really amazing sex life. They never get bored of each other in bed. They’re very much open to trying new things and when they do, it’s always an amazing experience. The downside to their relationship would be the fact that a Libra man is a bit possessive and emotional. He wants his woman when he wants his woman and the Sagittarius woman wants to be free. They’ll have to manage this issue very diligently to be able to strengthen their bond.