Life Path Numbers And Colors In Numerology

Numerology giving the direct idea of numbers also has a connection with colors through numbers. Life Path Numbers And Colors In Numerology is the method of predicting life events in relation to the connection that exists between numbers and colors.

The popular belief is that if the color and life path number or destiny number of a person correspond well, then the prediction or outcome sought through numerology is very likely to be as it is. The vibration or everything life path numbers symbolizes can be integrated through colors. And this is the importance of color numerology.

Just like the way certain attributes and characters are symbolized by life path numbers, colors are also part of what these numbers symbolize. It can also bring about other certain characteristics and energy. While some are primary to a life path number, some are secondary. These colors combining together with each life path numbers are not ordinary. They have a significant meaning to numerologists and those who understand it.

Here Are The Life Path Numbers and Colors In Numerology Number 1

Number 1

With the vibration of the life path number 1 being leadership, independence, newness, unity, determination, a new beginning, the color associated with it is RED. Being a dominant and bright color, it helps to grow and develop beyond expectation and boundary. It provides the required energy, strength, courage and concentration to truly be the first in all things.

Secondary colors: crimson and apricot.

Number 2

2 is associated with harmony and corporation. It is a balance between the inner and the outer world. A great number of the vibration of peace, success and happiness with the color ORANGE which is needed to enhance the energies and attributes of the number 2. The color orange is known for the vibration of harmony and balance.

Secondary colors: salmon, gold and black.

Number 3

This number is the vibration of joy, good communication, optimism, eagerness, and expression through singing, writing, and art. The ideal color to bring out these energies and attributes is YELLOW. The color is helpful in bringing out one’s creativity, intellectual ability, and optimism.

Secondary colors: amber and ruby.

Number 4

The unique number for organizing, structuring, planning, strategizing and establishing. 4 is ideal for implementation and foundation. The primary color of this life path number is GREEN. It will help in relaxation, responsibility, growth, abundance, and prosperity. The color green is a balance between things of the physicality and mentality.

Secondary colors: the number, 4 has four other colors: brown, silver, indigo, and blue.

Number 5

The number carries the vibration of versatility, change, freedom, adventure, and flexibility. The primary color is BLUE, and it resonates peace, tranquility, flexibility, devotion, and patience.

Secondary colors: Cherry and pink.

Number 6

Care, love, kindness, and nurture are the vibrations of the number 6. It is a number associated with compassion, help, and assistance in oneness. It defines all these attributes as the beauty of man. The primary color of this number is INDIGO. This is the ideal color to support one’s self in building great virtues like love, kindness, and compassion.

Secondary colors: orange and mustard.

Number 7

7 is the number of knowledge, wisdom, coupled with intense focus, discovery, spirituality, and self-reflection. The primary color this number is associated with is VIOLET. The energies and attributes that can be unleashed with this color are wisdom, understanding, power of introspection, and self-analysis.

Secondary colors: Pearl and magenta.

Number 8

The vibrations of 9 are power, leadership, authority, respect, and honor. The associated color is ROSE. The color influences one to be authoritative, charismatic, leadership endowed, and motivated.

Secondary colors: black, grey, opal and ivory.

Number 9

This number symbolizes evolution, the end, and beginning of a new thing or era, charity, love, and humanitarianism. The primary color is GOLD. This color helps in starting a new thing, being compassionate and charitable.

Secondary colors: red and olive.


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  1. Angel Number 940 is the message from your angels to work hard for your goals regardless of the situations. Your ultimate success is fulfilling your dreams and you have to do it with your hard work.

  2. I like the way you summarized the number meanings like that. Very nice and to the point way of finding out what each number could mean for us. I have been seeing 111 a lot lately and that’s what brought me here; will share this with my friends!

  3. How about number 11 and 22? They, as master number have been said to cary the vibrations of respectively silver and gold.

  4. I appreciate your insights! Numerology indeed is the interpretation of numbers and its meaning related to our existence. Finding our life path number can mean everything to us– we will get to understand our inner self and desires and find our purpose!

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