Man kills flatmate after tarot card reader reveals the death card

49-year-old star Randel-Hanson has confessed to killing his flatmate, 70-year-old Derrick Marney.

Before confessing the homicide of his housemate, Randel-Hanson visited a tarot card reader who revealed a death card to him.

While confessing, he also admitted to leaving his flatmate’s body on the kitchen floor after murdering him in cold blood. 

Victim: Derick Marney was found slumped in his flat having suffered stab wounds, a jury heard (Image: Solent)

The arrest

10 days after the homicide, Randel-Hanson visited the tarot card reader, to demand a psychic reading.

According to the tarot card reader, Jayne Braiden, Randel-Hanson told her he had done something terrible before asking for the psychic reading and upon reveling another death card, he spilled the beans.

Allegedly, Randel-Hanson confessed to her that he had murdered his housemate in cold blood and had left his lifeless body on the kitchen floor before she called the police. 

Warning: The accused allegedly confessed after turning over the ‘death’ card during a tarot reading

In her testimony, Jayne said that upon hearing the confession, she did what only a good citizen would do; she called the police.

However, she was redirected to the nonemergency line, 101, by the 911 operator. While speaking about the arrest to the Lewes Crown court, Jayne said she and the accused had a good laugh about the delay on the of the law enforcement officers before their arrival, 55 minutes later.

The case

When asked, Randel-Hanson told the Lewes Crown court that the homicide wasn’t intentional, that the death of his flatmate was only an accident.

According to him, Mr. Marney got in the way of his knife when he was trying to turn in the kitchen and was accidentally stabbed.

Although the 8inch knife that was supposedly used to commit the homicide has been recovered from the crime scene along with the body, the intentions behind the crime are still unknown.

Interestingly, Mr. Marney and Randel-Hanson shared a bed and a room but had no sexual relationship between them.

They were not a couple or lovers, but they shared faith.

The Lewes Crown Court heard that the deceased, a spiritual medium, met the accused at the Brotherhood Gate Spiritualist Church in Brighton, where they bonded and became friends.

Mr. Marney invited the accused into his home, and they lived together until his passing. 

On trial: Randel-Hanson denies murder at Lewes Crown Court (Image: PA)

The confession 

While addressing the court, prosecutor James Mulholland QC shed light on the meeting that transpired between the accused and the Tarot Card reader, Jayne Manson, on the 4th of May.

According to him, the accused was handed 10 cards to shuffle before his confession.

While shuffling the cards, the accused picked two cards which were both deciphered by the tarot card reader to mean trouble.

The first card was the “blasted tower” which indicates a bad vibe, disagreement, or lots of bad feelings. The second, however, was the emperor card, which represents a dominant male.

While these cards troubled Jayne, she allowed her patron to pick the third card. When the card turned out to be the death card, she was convinced that something bad had happened.

She told Randel-Hanson and he concurred that he had a dilemma. He went on to confess about the crime and she called the police.


While we await the verdict of the court, we can’t help but wonder what Randel-Hanson’s intentions were for killing his flatmate.

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