Meditation, also known as contemplation or reflection, is a ruminative discourse of a religious or philosophical subject.

Regardless of whether it is a spoken or written discourse, meditation can help the meditator focus on a particular object, thought, or activity.

The techniques used for meditation include mindfulness, which helps the person practicing it focus his/her mind on achieving a mental and physical calmness that is devoid of all negativities.

How Meditation Works

Meditation is not meant to transform you into something you are not, or make a new person out of you.

Instead, it is meant to train your mind to develop a healthy sense of perspective, where awareness and attention are optimized.

It is not a mental switch that turns your thoughts off and on.

Rather, it trains your mind to observe your emotions and thoughts without judgment or bias.

When you make meditation a lifestyle, you’ll reap several rewards, which includes;


The feeling of bliss is likened to perfect happiness, and you can experience it through regular meditation.

Meditation purges your mind of negative and dispiriting thoughts.

Thus, allowing you to enjoy the gloriousness of the present moment. When an experienced meditator meditates, mystical energy flows between the meditator and the environment.

This energy wells up in the meditator, cleansing him or her of all negativity and distressing thoughts.

The result, is perfect happiness or bliss.

Self-awareness or discovery

Sometimes we lose our identity to dispiriting thoughts and clouded judgment.

However, if you practice meditation daily, you can train your mind to be more attentive to your thoughts and reality.

With consistent practice, you can rediscover yourself, your identity, and your potentials.


Meditation is the best, if not the only, path to self-realization and enlightenment.

If the truth of your nature and reality is obscured to you, try meditating for 60 minutes daily. The results will blow your mind away.

Besides, attaining enlightenment means you’ll have total control over your thoughts and reality.

This can make you more productive at work, at home, and everywhere else.


One of the meditation benefits spiritual, is the guidance it provides to people that want to return to their natural state of joy and peace.

Meditation helps you find your guru (the guiding light that guides you through the sinuous curves of life) through consistent practice.

This guru, in turn, shines a light on your thoughts, helping you discern what is best for you and what is not.

As you continue to make the right decisions for your life, this guru will help you return to your naturally happy and joyous state.

Improved attraction

There is a pattern to everything that happens to us in life. If you look closely, you’ll find it.

Perhaps you have noticed a recurrent pattern in the people, situations, and experiences that you attract, and you desire something different.

Don’t stress. Through meditation and manifestation, you’ll attract your desired situations, people, and experiences into your life.


The key to experiencing Meditation benefits spiritual is to practice meditation daily. If any of these resonates with you, let us know in the comments below.