Meditation crystals

Looking to experience a whole new level of awesome with your meditation practice?

Then, you should consider getting mediation crystals for your meditation. Meditation crystals can bolster your practice, enhance your intentions, and help you attain a higher spiritual connection with your inner self.

Just like the spiritual/physical disparity that exists between humans, meditation crystals are useful for specific areas of mindfulness. By incorporating these crystals in your meditation, you can become more mindful and aware of your meditation.

With that said, you shouldn’t substitute regular practice with meditation Crystals. While they may help deepen practice for more mindful meditation, they can also make it difficult for you to meditate without manifestation crystals.

Regardless of the vibrational energy of your meditation crystal, it shouldn’t replace regular, high-quality meditation.



The upsides to using meditation crystals

There are many benefits to using meditation crystals, and if you are consistent with your practice, you’ll experience all of them. By using manifestation stones or crystals for your meditation, you can access new spiritual thresholds, raise self-awareness, and experience a much deeper connection with yourself.

Here are 5 of the most amazing meditation Crystals to incorporate into your daily meditation routine.


Top 5 meditation crystals for your enlightenment


1. Blue topaz

the blue topaz meditation crystal is an essential addition for all meditators. This crystal is so powerful that you can almost feel the clear truth it radiates on your skin. On top of that, the crystal has a high vibrational frequency. This and other unique characteristics that the blue topaz possesses are what make it the ideal meditation crystal for you. With regard to energy, the blue topaz is subtle and calm. That’s why many people call it the psychic magnifier that inspires calmness and mental clarity.


2. Amethyst

The amethyst crystal is known as the stone of meditation, spirituality, and contentment. It is one of the most spiritual meditation crystals in the world, and it holds a lot of benefits for meditators. You’ll find this stone in the USA, Russia,  Brazil, and Mexico. Amethyst is characterized by high vibrational energy, and as such, it is the ideal stone for strengthening intuition and enhancing spiritual prowess.


3. Clear quartz

the clear quartz crystal is a powerful spiritual magnifier that can help magnify the body’s natural energies. Owing to its unique ability to magnify the body’s natural energies, the clear quartz crystal is now considered to be the “master healer” of all crystals. This stone has existed for centuries and was used by old meditators for a variety of meditation purposes. While you may not know this, the clear quartz crystal can also help magnify the energies of other meditation crystals. Thus, if you are looking to get more out of your meditation practices, the clear quartz crystal should be your first choice.


4. Black tourmaline

the black tourmaline meditation stone is the stone of protection and it can help absorb negative thoughts. If you are struggling with mind clutters, or you want to purge yourself of negative thoughts, the black tourmaline is for you. It will protect you from negativity and help you live a better and more prosperous life.


5. Angelite

the Angelite stone is renowned for its ability to magnify self-awareness. If you are struggling with overwrought emotions, you should incorporate this stone into your meditation routine. It will deepen your meditation, and make you more aware of your potentials.



There are many meditation crystals out there. Thus, to find the right one, you must understand your intentions for mediation.