Meditation for youths

Want to boost productivity in your academics, job, or social life? Regular meditation can help you achieve it. Contrary to what people think, meditation is not just for the elderly or people with overwrought emotions.

Meditation is for people of all ages, and regardless of whether you are a youth, a pro, or an entrepreneur, you can reshape your life through meditation. The key is consistent practice. While the time dedicated to meditation may vary for people of all ages, youths can enjoy the same benefits that adults enjoy from meditation.

Whereas it is natural for the older generation to feel pressured by the hustling and bustling of the day, we often forget that youths are vulnerable to the same dynamics. Like adults, youths get sad, lonely, and they experience their fair share of negativity. Left unchecked, these downwards spiral of emotions can make their lives less fruitful and fulfilling. Hence, the importance of meditation for youths.

By practicing meditation for youths, the younger generation can reconnect with their inner self, magnify their natural energies, and attract positivity into their lives. This applies to children as well. As a parent, guardian, or educator, you can use meditation to drive productivity in the classroom.

Simple meditation for youths and children

One of the greatest advantages of meditation is that it can be tailored to suit the needs of all age groups. In this way, even your four-year-old son or daughter can benefit from regular meditation practice.

You can start with simple meditation practices with the little ones and increase it to a more advanced level as they get older. The trick is to make it simple for them so they can enjoy it. Here are some meditation practices you can incorporate in your child, teen, or youth’s routine.

Meditation for children age 3-7 (whole-body breathing)

If you want to introduce mindfulness to your youth or infant, the whole body breathing technique is the ideal choice. During this meditation practice, the children will breathe in and out exaggeratedly using their mouths and nostrils. This exercise is recommended for kids because it helps them become more aware of their breath. Also to experience the calming effect it has on their mind and body.

 Meditation for children age 5-12 (breathing space)

The breathing space technique can be the second step in the mindfulness training of your younger children. As it helps them purge their minds of dispiriting thoughts. With this technique, participants will take short breaks between inhalation and exhalation. While purging their minds of distressing thoughts and emotions.

Meditation for youths and teens age 13 and above (longer body scan)

It is expected that at this age, the youth will have the stamina to perform longer meditation exercises. This technique will help the youth become more aware of the emotions and energies coursing through his/her body. To achieve the technique, the youths will do a quick scan of their bodies, even as they cultivate relaxing attitudes inwardly.


Youths can practice the same meditation techniques as adults. However, the minutes purported for meditation will vary according to the age of the youth.

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