It’s the start of a new moon!
The appearance and disappearance of this celestial body is often associated with spiritual occurrences, depending on your beliefs. The sun may illuminate its orb for some people while others believe it depends on occult stars behind it; either way you can think about what these associations mean according to how much faith or spirituality that particular individual has in theirs. It’s actually a lot more than that. It has been called the dark moon, but it also causes eclipses and can affect our weather patterns!


The new moon is the nearly invisible phase of the moon that occurs at the start of every lunar cycle. It precedes the waxing crescent phase of the moon and the waning crescent phase of the cycle. The moon’s visibility, timing, and appearance usually differ concerning geographical location. Due to its invisibility and the influence the lunar month has in determining some lunar calendars, there are many differences in their timings. For example, the Islamic calendar considers the first crescent as the beginning of its month. Generally, the lunar cycle’s impact has a specific influence on religious, spiritual, scientific, and traditional beliefs.


Astrologists have taken a keen interest in the occurrence of the different phases of the moon, particularly the new and full moon. The new moon is when the moon takes a break from its routine illumination job. The science behind it involves the orbiting of the moon around the earth, which is approximately 27.3days.

The new moon occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun during its orbital journey. From the planet, you will have a ‘dark moon’ since the illuminated side is away from the earth and closer to the moon. As the moon continues to revolve, the bright side grows and increases in size; thus, the phase changes in the lunar cycle.


Just like the rising and setting of the sun bears different hopes and resolutions, the moon has significant influences on peoples lives. The lunar cycle, in this case, the new moon, carries a lot of significance spiritually. There is something magical about the glow and changes in the lunar phases during its life cycle. In addition, there is a hidden agenda that lights up your lives as the lunar cycle progresses.

The new moon is a symbol of a new day, new hopes, and faith. There is a rejuvenated feeling with the start of the lunar cycle, doing away with the old and starting a new chapter with the glamour of the moon. It is your chance where you can renew your strength, spirit, hope, and even love. But, of course, it all depends on what the new lunar month brings for you. The constant and continuous chances in life that the new moon beholds is sufficient to convince you of the spiritual significance of the new moon.

Astrologers have taken it to a new level to include how the different stars will affect as the new moon comes into phase just after the waning crescent. It is much more than an invisible creation in the beautiful starry night. It may not be possible to witness its beauty with the naked eye but setting your hopes and thoughts in this ‘nothingness’ is something you will hold on to for the rest of your lives.

If you are not a believer in the symbolism and impact of the lunar cycle, you are yet to experience its strength. There is an aura of new beginnings, peace, and calmness during the new moon: the perfect time to reflect, meditate and make subtle life decisions. It gives you the confidence of taking on the new month with a different and more hopeful outlook on life.

People with traditional views on the new moon will often have rituals to perform during the new moon. Though it may seem odd, such people must serve them to have the right mindset and start the new lunar month. It sets the tone for the new month by releasing new energies and spirit.



With the new moon held in high regard, you can expect people born on a new moon to have a unique character. Even though most people will not take note of the beauty and phase of the moon during their child’s birth, it dramatically influences the personality and character of the child.

Children born on a new moon are usually audacious, adventurous, creative, and independent. With all the hope and life that the new moon beholds, you cannot expect anything short of a sturdy character. In contrast, these people usually find it hard to trust people. Maybe it is due to the profoundness and magical nature that was during their birth. Quite an intriguing fact!


The phases of the moon and astrologers have many myths and misconceptions; the new moon is no exception. The prominent delusion is that the new moon is invisible. It is not true that you cannot see the new moon.

When a new moon appears, you will find that the section of the moon visible to the earth is dark due to its proximity to the earth during its orbiting. The moon’s light is reflected light off the sun; therefore, when the moon is between the earth and the sun, people on the earth will experience its darker side rather than the side which the sun illuminates.

You cannot argue with the symbolic meaning of the new moon; it is the start of the lunar cycle and presents a refreshing fresh start to various phases of your life.

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