Numerology For Number 1

Numerology is the popular belief that numbers hold mystical powers that can be used to determine life events as they occur or before they occur. The importance of numbers holds great value to those who know it and are aware that numbers are not just figures we are taught to make our calculations with at school.

Using numbers to calculate, go far beyond addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and the rest.

Numerology For Number 1

It has a lot to do with the universe, destiny, and life events. For example, numbers were used to record the movement of the planets and astrological occurrences by the ancient Babylonians during their time.

The Pythagoreans in ancient times in Greece are even of the belief that numbers are the foundation on which the universe exists, in a precise pattern. So numbers are believed to be of highly significant importance in the life of man.

Some numbers, most especially the single ones called the “root numbers” and in other situations called the “Life Path Numbers” (1 – 9) have been known to have certain signification different from one another.

Through these numbers, a lot of things can be predicted, deduced, and also proven. One reason for the belief in numerology and certain attributes of each number as they are believed to have is that right from ancient times up till today; people have been able to convince themselves and others of the phenomenal occurrences that can be linked to numbers, or explained through numerology. So we will be looking at the very first one, number 1 and all it holds.

Numerology For Number 1

Meaning And Uniqueness Of Number 1 in Numerology

The number 1 is the very first number from which numeration starts. It is a unique number due to its position and all that it symbolizes. According to the Pythagoreans, 1 is not a number because it is singular in meaning. It is referred to as the origin of other numbers because when you have many 1s summed together, you get the rest.

For example, 9 is the addition of nine 1s or 1 in nine places. Also, according to the belief of the Pythagoreans, 1 is neither an even nor odd number. It is considered neutral and independent. 1 can be used to decide the fate of any other number as to whether it will be an odd or even number.

More than any other number, 1 is the simplest in every form. When written, it is the easiest to identify and simplest to write in most probably all numerical writing system. It is clearly distinct from the rest.

The Symbolism of Number 1 in Numerology

Here are three main things the number 1 basically symbolizes.

  • The First

In everything we do in life, 1 is always what we look forward, anticipate, and prepare greatly for. Are you just resuming to a new job? Is it the first day of the month or year? Is it your first time in a place? Is it your first child? Or is it your first achievement in an area which you’ve been waiting for? All these are a 1. So, 1 symbolizes first, opener, beginning, origin, and foundation.


1 symbolizes unity and oneness because when anything is joined together, it is said to become one. In war, when two nations unite against another or other nations, the united nations are called ally and declared one because they fight for the same course.

A Life Path Number

People with Life Path Number 1, also called “Destiny Number 1” are people of great leadership ability which is evident in the type of potentials they possess.

They are people of great purpose who believe so much in themselves. And because the sun is attributed to this number, people with this destiny number always want to shine. They really have a personality to desire. Their life path number sets them apart uniquely.

The number 1, due to all that it symbolizes, is a number to place much importance, value, and attention to. But if you don’t, you should start today. It is more than a number.

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