Opening the third eye chakra (6th chakra)

The third eye chakra can be found between both eyes, at the front of the human brain. This site forms one of the main types of chakras in the human body. This type of chakra is seen as the home of higher knowledge, institution, and sight. The 6th chakra is the energy center that deals with the “conscience.”

The third eye chakra is known to oversee a human’s imagination, memory, vision as well as the pineal gland. A great aim of the chakra is to ensure that the conscious mind easily interacts with the natural world. It is at the third eye chakra that the energy becomes to link with one’s consciousness.

When this chakra is hyperactive, it could lead to the brain being disorienting. Sometimes, this could worsen psychic distress, as well as a psychological issue. 

If you are not someone that is a maestro in how the chakra work, possessing the overactive third eye may be too overwhelming for you. 

You will be bombarded with a lot of thoughts leaving you mentally drained.

This could leave you tired of making decisions that may be so simple, but your hyperactive brain tells you otherwise. Those that have a hyperactive third eye chakra usually have to deal with tiredness, fogginess, disconnectedness, indecisiveness and so on.

Having a clogged Third eye can be annoying too. You won’t be able to make decisions quickly. Everything starts to bore you, and before you know you may start to deal with low self-esteem. 

Possessing a balanced third eye is the right way to go. Immediately your Third Eye becomes open and balanced, it is quite easy to see things. 

Decisions can easily be made by you in a rational manner. You won’t have to be attached to every result that comes out of the decision. You won’t have to overthink things anymore. 

What Happens When Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked?

When you notice an imbalance of the third eye chakra, there is a great chance that you will notice some physical symptoms like dizziness, migraines, headaches, as well as vision issues. You may also have to deal with some psychological issues like mental confusion, paranoia, anxiety, as well as depression. 

How To Clear The Third Eye Chakra

If you want to clear your sixth chakra, you have to toss away your ego. In its stead, you avoid considering going for forgiveness and compassion. Doing this helps to heal this energy center of intelligence.

A great way of clearing your Third Eye blockage is to meditate. 

You should also consider eating healthier. It won’t be a bad idea to try out some forms of energy healing, like using chakra stones, aromatherapy, sound therapy and so on. This goes a long way to improve your Third eye chakra. Making use of yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki and so on can help too. 

In no time, your Third eye will be up and running.

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