The Pisces and Scorpio match is one that is regularly referred to as a potential soulmate match. Contrary to what you may think, Pisces and Scorpio actually have quite a lot of similar characteristics. Firstly, there are both water signs. This might come as a surprise to you if you’re not familiar with astrology. Scorpios seem like fire signs because of their fiery attitude and reputation, but they actually get all that fire from their deepwater element. In this article, we’ll explore the Pisces and Scorpio match and give our verdict on this match.


Pisces is the final sign on the astrological chart. This makes it the 12th sign on the Western astrological chart. The dates for Pisces is February 19 to March 20. Pisces is perhaps the most popular water sign because it is closely related to water. The term “Pisces” is related to fish which may have influenced the selection of the Pisces symbol, which is a fish. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, a big planet that is a beautiful deep blue color reminiscent of the ocean. Pisces is a mutable sign which means they’re dynamic and can signify the end of an era.


The constellation of Pisces belongs to the element of water. This is in tune with the symbol, which is a fish. Pisces belong to the water element, which is a classical element that dates back to ancient Greek philosophy. Water occupies a position between air and earth, and it is associated with a more feminine energy.


Pisces love music, creativity, sleeping, and solitude. They are passionate, altruistic, gentle, in tune with their intuition, and spiritually inclined. Pisces may struggle with criticism, being too trusting, fear, and melancholy.


As the 8th astrological sign, Scorpio has several similarities to Pisces. They are both water signs, and they are both negative/passive signs. This doesn’t mean these signs are necessarily passive or negative. Scorpios are far from passive. Scorpios are born between the 23rd of October and the 22nd of November. Scorpio’s symbol is quite similar to its name. The symbol is a scorpion which is very similar to the reputation Scorpio’s tend to have. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which is tied to wealth, renewal, alchemy, and spirituality.


Scorpios from the constellation Scorpius are said to be straightforward, factual, and correctness. Scorpios value passion, loyalty, and resourcefulness. They hate fake people, liars, dishonesty, and passiveness. They love to speak how they feel and are very assertive, which makes them great leaders. Scorpios struggle with jealousy, violence, and being overly secretive.


A Scorpio and Pisces match works for a number of reasons. Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of this match.


  1. As earlier mentioned, Pisces tend to be emotional and selfless. This is well complemented by Scorpio’s protective and passionate nature. The Scorpio can protect the Pisces in the match from people who may try to take advantage of their open heart.


  1. Scorpios may be possessive and jealous. This can work with a Pisces open emotions and loyalty. This way, both partners will not have to question the emotional connection in the relationship.


  1. Pisces are gentle and loving, which will smoothen out the rough edges of the Pisces.


  1. There could be an issue with arguments because Pisces tend to shy away from arguments while Scorpios hate passiveness. This may drive a wedge if the Scorpio doesn’t understand that the Pisces is not being dismissive but is simply not a fan of aggression or arguments. Pisces tend to leave overly stressful situations for them, so the Scorpio should try their best to be considerate and not too stubborn.


  1. Despite these issues, Scorpio and Pisces is a great match as both signs are very compatible. They can be very devoted to each other with the Pisces being very flexible and willing to compromise if the Scorpio is being stubborn.


  1. This is a passionate match that can easily achieve soulmate status.