Pisces is the zodiac sign for people born between February 19 and March 20. It is a water sign and the last of the zodiac, symbolized by two fishes swimming in their opposite directions. This sign represents the divided attention a Pisces has between fantasy and reality. A Pisces believes so much in emotions and feelings that their lives basically revolve around it alongside the spiritual.

Pisces Personality Traits

Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it has a bit of all the signs that came before it incorporated in it. They are selfless, dreamy and tend to focus a lot on the spiritual. They place a lot on feelings and like to be by themselves most times. They are deep thinkers who like to keep their burden to themselves instead of sharing with others. Yet, they are charming and very likable. They could get a lot of comfort in a place surrounded by purple and white as these colors bring soothing relief to them.

One born under Pisces tends to be very sensitive and can be greatly misunderstood by others. Amid all these traits, a Pisces is very compassionate

Pisces Strength And Weaknesses


  1. Pisces are very creative and imaginative. They don’t need to stress so much or put in much effort to pull off an artistic work. However, they hardly believe that they have such strength. Diving deeper, one can discover that a Pisces excels very well in healing and creative professions.
  2. Another thing is that people born under Pisces are very charitable and compassionate. In this way, they place the needs of others before themselves. They want to believe that everyone has a good side and so they give a lot of chances than expected.
  3. Since Pisces is dreamy, they are very romantic and could spend a lot of time fantasizing. They take relationships very seriously and try to bring out the best in their partners. They are easy-going, lovable, generally shy and gentle too. They love swimming as a sport as it helps to take the stress off them.

If you need a creative, compassionate and caring mate, then Pisces will do. Well, only if your sign is compatible with them.


  1. Pisces battle a lot between reality and fantasy, consciousness and unconsciousness. In this way, they may be a bit difficult to pin down or understand. They are quite complicated and takes a lot of patience to fully understand them. Because of this, they are sometimes called “chameleons of the zodiac”.
  2. Pisces love to keep to themselves. They find it difficult to relate to the difficulties in their lives with others. They procrastinate a lot and may experience some signs of lethargy. They find a distraction in thinking a lot about the spiritual and their inner fantasies. They are overly sensitive which may be a problem between them and other signs

In all, a Pisces has a very good personality which people would find lovable. For their weakness, they only need a compatible sign that will blend well with them.