Abundance Magic Candle


This Abundance candle is perfect for anyone looking to attract more wealth, love, or health into their lives. Simply focus your energy on the candle and visualize what you desire, and you’ll soon see positive results. Candle magic has been used for centuries, so light this candle with confidence knowing that you’re tapping into an age-old practice.


This candle brings in an abundance of material and spiritual satisfaction. Candle magic has been used for centuries, when you focus energy through the candles you will attract that same energy into your life. Send out positive energy and visualize what you desire to receive positive results. Abundance candle spells are usually used to attract money, financial gain, fertility, crops, happiness, love, health or abundance at the start of a new year, or a new chapter of your life.

Once you light the candle, you should focus all of your energy into visualizing what it is you want. For example, if it’s increase of finances, picture money flowing into your life, or your bank account growing. Just use active visualization and concentration. The Abundance candle can also help you see the abundance in your life instead of scarcity.

This candle has been programmed with intentions, magic.


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