The Purple Crown Chakra And Meaning

There exist seven major types of chakras in the mind and body, and the crown chakra is one of them. This is seen as the leader of the other chakras because without it; the rest can’t function. It is found at the top of the head and allows the life form from the universe to gain access to the body.

From there, it is distributed to the other chakras in the body before it gets to the root chakra. Without the crown chakra, there is a great chance that the other chakras won’t work well. 

The crown chakra has a purple or violet color. This is said to be the color of the chakra that controls creativity, beauty, and inspiration. 

The purple crown chakra can be found in the brain and it oversees the pineal gland. When the violet crown chakra is not balanced, there are a lot of issues that one could face. Some of them are dizziness, confusion, mental issues, Alzheimer’s, dementia, epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, depression and so on.

Those that have a balanced purple crown chakra tend to make use of their brains properly. You will regularly see them being highly creative, visionary, mentally strong, humanitarians, just, kind, and great leaders.  You can hardly see one with an unbalanced or blocked purple crown chakra having these. 

Purple is linked to spiritual awareness, as well as self-knowledge. This translates to you being in sync with your real self, spirituality, as well as intense consciousness. 

When your chakra is not balanced, you have to deal with diseases. This happens if your crown chakra is either too much or too little.

This purple energy center is what makes us become linked to the higher part of our beings that guide us, make us wise, give us the needed strength, and ensure that our thoughts are purified. 

This color of chakra is known to improve creativity, as well as artistic talent.

What are the positive parts of the violet or purple chakra?

Violet has a number of positive aspects, and we will look at some of them.

It increases the reverence that one has for life.

When the violet chakra is at its best, you start to respect others close to you. You understand what life is about and see no reason for being at loggerhead with anyone. It ensures that your whole being is at peace, too, because you are tapping into the higher version of yourself. 

Self-sacrificing for others

When your purple chakra is balanced, you will see nothing wrong in helping others in need. You will go out of your way to help those that you can’t benefit from. You will go out of your way to ensure that the world is a better place for those around you.  

Selfishness won’t be something that comes to your mind, as the feeling of humanity will be upon you. It is important to know that only the balanced form of the purple chakra should be aimed at. 

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