Saging your house the right way

How Do You Cleanse Your House With Sage?

Burning sage is a very common way to cleanse a space by sending out negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. This ritual is often referred to as ‘Saging’ or ‘smudging’.

During Saging, you burn sage and the smoke from the burning plant fills the environment, therefore, purifying it. As the smoke circulates and goes outside, it implements your wish of taking out the negative energy.  

Burning sage has origins from native America, Buddhism, and other cultures and religions. In these religions the Saging ritual helps bless a space, leaving it habitable for you and your family.

How do you sage your home?

Saging your home is an easy practice once you get the hang of it. Below are steps to properly sage your home.

Gather the materials

To ensure you are fully prepared for Saging, begin by gathering all the materials you need for the ritual. The process of expelling the negative energy begins during the material gathering so do this with your intention in mind. 

Choose your sage plant

There are different plants that can be used for cleaning your home. You can use sage, sweetgrass, lavender, Palo Santo or cedar. White sage is the most common herb used for Saging. And as a first-timer, you should start with this herb. White sage has a heavy presence and is connected with purity. For a major house cleansing, it is the most effective. 

candles and matches

While you can use matches or a lighter to light your sage, a candle is the better option. If your sage burns out, you can easily relight it with a candle.

Fireproof container

A fireproof container can help hold in ashes, embers or sage pieces. You can make use of a clay bowl, an abalone shell or any ceramic plate. 


Before you start burning the sage, take some time to meditate. Saging is a ritual so you share what you expect from it, for it to work. If you are Saging to send negative energy away, let your intentions be known. 

Saging your house To Cleanse your space

Now that you are prepared to begin, start by opening up all the windows in the space you want to sage. Light your sage stick and slowly move around the house – starting from the front door. Allow the smoke to fill hidden corners of your house e.g. cupboards, closets and so on. 

Move the sage from all parts of the room, towards the window where the sage can take the negative energy out. You can vocalize what you want the Saging process to do for you. For example, you can say “take away all forms of negative energies and fill my home with only light and peace.”

Saging your home is a peaceful ritual that can also purify the atmosphere in your home, clearing it of dust, germs, and bacteria. Cleanse your house with sage today!

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    1. After clearing and cleansing, extinguish your sage stick by gently pressing it into the abalone shell or a clay dish, glass bowl or ashtray. You can also allow it to burn out on its own. Some people like to wait 20-30 minutes to allow the sage smoke to reach maximum potency.

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