Sagittarius rising

A lot of people have a misconception about the zodiac signs. They believe that the sun is everything that decides a person’s zodiac. While it is true that the sun gives rise to the zodiac, there are actually other parameters for deciding the completeness of the zodiac. The rising sign is usually calculated by knowing the date of your birth and the exact time up to the last minute. This may not be possible unless your parents take the zodiac seriously.


In this article, we’re going to look at the Sagittarius rising sign, we’ll look at the characteristics, and then we’ll look at some of the ways in which you can better your life and have a fuller grip on the understanding of your sign. Just tag along.

The Sagittarius rising lifestyle

People who are born under the Sagittarius rising are usually born when Sagittarius was above the horizon. These descendants of Jupiter are blessed with luck and enthusiasm. They do what they dream and say what they feel. They’re very expressive and open-minded. They hardly care about hurt. When they’re hurt, they get back up and get moving. They’re hardly held down by emotion and due to the luck that they’re blessed with, they’ll usually come in contact with people who actually have the same traits as them.


The Sagittarius rising man or woman has the following traits:

  • Frankness: they’re expressive, they say what they feel and think. They don’t care about how it makes you feel, they just want you to know. If you have hurt them, they don’t bottle it in, they call your attention to it.
  • Practicality: a Sagittarius rising doesn’t just want to keep talking about a thing, they want to carry it out as soon as possible. They’re more comfortable acting than planning.
  • Daring: they always want challenges. A person born under the Sagittarius rising sign wants to have a face-off with the most difficult person or situation. They believe that they can conquer any situation.
  • Free-spirited: they’re free as birds, they are like kites, they move in the direction that the wind blows them. They exude exuberance and joy and really don’t mind going anywhere to get it.

The Sagittarius rising relationships

These folks don’t just want to enter into any relationship. They take their time and make sure that they’ve really worked their way into your heart. They don’t do this knowingly but that’s always how it happens.


They’re social and always find a way to make the people around them happy. Sometimes, their sociability could be mistaken for childishness. They’re always playing, they always have interesting stories from their many adventures, they don’t brag but when they talk about their experiences, they do it with some level of authority.


In a romantic relationship, the Sagittarius person is committed only when they have decided that this person is the one that they want to be with, other than that, they don’t mind having several sexual partners. They can have sex with you if they feel connected to you but they don’t see you as a partner. They just want to enjoy the moment and explore.

Sagittarius rising and family

You’ll wonder if this kind of person can actually bring himself or herself down to stay in one place and with one family. Well, yes, as a matter of fact, they’re more committed than so many of the other calmer signs when they’ve decided to settle down.


It takes a really long time for them to eventually settle down but when they do, it’s their family all through. They usually have a fun-filled family as long as their spouse understands them and doesn’t try to dim their energy.