Scorpio and Sagittarius

The Scorpio sign is fixed while the Sagittarius sign is free-flowing. Although they’re sometimes mistaken for each other due to their related characteristics, they’re actually different but somewhat compatible.

Scorpio and Sagittarius can have the best sex available and they don’t mind exploring each other’s bodies anywhere and at any time.

In this article, we’re going to look at Scorpio and Sagittarius separately, we’ll look at their individual characteristics, their work life, their relationships, and their families. Then we’ll look at these two as a pair. If you’re born under one of these two beautiful signs and you want to understand your compatibility with the other, then you must take this seriously.


Any person born under the Scorpio sign is deemed to be a very determined and serious person. They don’t fancy that lifestyle where they roam or wander. They try to settle and expect everyone around them to settle just like them.


A person born under Scorpio values freedom and loves to express himself or herself and understands if their partner also wants to do this. They’re more reserved than the Sagittarius person but they still enjoy some of the interesting things that the Sagittarius person initiates.


Scorpio likes to work, they are decisive and determined, they set their mind to something and they achieve it. They’re stubborn and controlling. If you have a Scorpio boss, you must ensure that you do everything right. They wallow in perfection. They think about it and want to bring it to life.


People who are born under this sign are free-spirited, fun-loving, frank, have a great sense of humor, and can carry people along very easily. They’re social and can carry people along very easily. The only problem would be that you would need to adapt to their traveling lifestyle. They’re not comfortable with staying in one position for too long. They want to explore themselves, others, places, and things.


Commitment is very difficult for a person born under the Sagittarius sign. They enjoy variety and don’t like to be caged with one thing. They take their time before deciding to settle down with anybody and before that happens, they make sure it’s somebody who wouldn’t hinder their joy and freedom.

Scorpio and Sagittarius when paired

Pairing these two signs will not yield too much fruit and that’s merely being frank. The only way to go forward with the relationship is to understand each other completely and that is going to be difficult.

The Sagittarius person detests cages and doesn’t want to be held down for any reason. They appreciate freedom and if that’s all they can get from their partner, they really wouldn’t mind. You’ll hardly see a relationship between these two signs lead to marriage. They fall apart after a while of realizing that they can’t satisfy each other’s needs.

A person who is born under the Scorpio sign is most definitely going to be controlling and if this person is the man in the relationship, the Sagittarius woman wouldn’t be able to cope, she’ll leave for greener pastures.

Their sex life is amazing for a while. They have the best sex while they’re still new at it. However, when it’s time to try new things, the Scorpio person is reluctant. The only thing that can make their relationship flourish is a deep understanding of each other and giving each other the attention or freedom that they want. They must adapt as much as possible.

They both enjoy fun activities and their family will be complete. They’ll have the disciplinarian and the fun lover. There’s going to be some dull moments but in all, they’ll be complete.