Aquarians value their independence and freedom, they so much detest someone being a burden or dependent on them. They do not like people asking deep questions or trying to connect deeply with them. Aquarius believes that they can make the world a better place. 

In as much as they are very good communicators and do not find it hard to make friends, there are friends that are a no-go area for an aquarian due to the qualities or traits they possess with respect to their sign.

Traits that incompatible signs possess

  • Possessiveness or Obsession

Cling or obsessing on Aquarians or any form of possessive character towards and Aquarian you are in any form of relationship with, is a big turn off for them. Aquarians love their freedom so much, they love to have their space and spend time alone or with their friends, limiting them to these is a big no. this does not mean they are not loyal or they do not love you, but they need the moment to cool off and recharge.

Giving them this opportunity in a relationship or friendship increases their trust in you and keeps them yearning for you.

  • Rigidity or Conservative

Aquarians are mostly spontaneous and futuristic individuals. they do not dwell on a particular situation or live their life ina particular pattern. They are always open to changes at any point, hence, they are always engaged in intellectual debates on every principle and belief, from which they draw ideas on how to move on and make themselves or things better. Individuals who are conservatives or traditionalists, who prefer things to be continued the way they are with little or no changes, are very incompatible with an Aquarian.

  • Impassiveness

Aquarians are known to be chatty people, easily connect with others, and have a lot of friends, but upon all these sociable traits, they do not want people connecting deeply with them for any reason. They shy off any advances to create such bonds between them and other individuals, no matter who the individual is (i.e family or friends). In as much as this is what they want, it brings out the best in them at all times. having partners that are impassive and do not show emotion won’t make for a good relationship. The relationship will lack connection and depth.

Partners of Aquarians need to be someone who can find ways to connect to them deeply without putting them off entirely

  • Curiosity/Inquisitiveness

Aquarians, do not like Nosyor curious partners. They so much love their independence and freedom that they do not feel okay with any form of interrogation from their partners or people asking random questions to know what they’re about to do or where they have been. To them, it shows a lack of trust in a friendship or a relationship.

Signs that are incompatible with Aquarius

  • Aquarius and Taurus

An Aquarius and Taurus relationship is wrong on all fronts, their values are always opposite to each other. A Taurus who is a conservative Will most likely be annoyed by a conservative ever-changing and annoying pattern. A Taurus is a Traditionalist and doesn’t think more towards changing things, unlike the Aquarius who is an intellect and thinks of new ways to perfect things. The inability of the Taurus to let the independent side of the Aquarian will bring up questions about trust. They surely have a lot to settle so as to be together.

  • Aquarius and Scorpio

This is a pair that involves two very stubborn people. Upon the fact that they are stubborn, the Scorpio tends to be obsessive with their feelings and behaviors, they believe that their other partner belongs to them. This is a very big issue for Aquarius who is independent and can be rebellious when triggered. This pair can still be good if they chose to coexist and lay down their guards.