Wondering if you’re compatible or not with a Pisces? Well, while Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer are very compatible with Pisces, other signs are no match.

Pisces are a creative lot, with deep intuitions, emotions, feelings and very original. They are likable as well as charming. In spite of that, they could be difficult to figure out, not enthusiastic about most things and could be indecisive. They are dreamy people and not everyone can handle them. Moving down to zodiac compatibility, who can go well with a Pisces?

It is no news that Pisces are very creative and artistic even if they don’t feel so. A little work of art they do without stress and much effort will turn out to be very unique and highly imaginative. They feel and have a deep connection to everything around them and have a connection to the spiritual side. That love deeply and fall hard in love. In this way, they ate most compatible with people who would care for them and protect them. They also care deeply for their partner and try as much as possible to bring out the best in them. A Pisces tends to give people a lot of chances as they believe people have their good sides.

Worst Compatibility

Here are the signs Pisces is not compatible with.


While Pisces and Gemini will make a good match at the beginning, they tend to fall out. In this way, they are not a match. Geminis are light-hearted people and are often thoughtless sometimes when it comes to relationships. This makes it difficult to connect deeply with Pisces that is sensitive. Apart from that, if a Gemini gets in a relationship with a Pisces, there is a high risk of infidelity. Though they may have an attraction at first, they are not built or made to stand the test of time. There will be a lot of complications in their relationship which will be difficult to overcome.


Pisces and Libra will make good friends but won’t make great partners. What connects them is creativity and arts. Asides that, Libra may not have a deep connection with Pisces. Libra tends to wish that Pisces is not all that sensitive. They may get mad and frustrated seeing Pisces in a bad mood because of their sensitivity and trying to get them out. They keep wishing that Pisces can fake a good mood all day for once. While a Libra wants balance, peace, and harmony, those elements are not important to a Pisces.


A Sagittarius can only get along with a Pisces if things are kept on the surface, light and not overboard. Anything more than that will bring problems. A Pisces loves romance, is emotional, needs love and care. Now, it doesn’t mean that a Sagittarius doesn’t need any of these. They just don’t like being tied down and thinking that a Pisces’ fulfillment and happiness depend all on them. Moreso, a Sagittarius may tend to take advantage of a Pisces if they get into a relationship and make everything about themselves. Pisces loves a long-term relationship, unlike a Sagittarius who just agrees to be in one to see how things go.