The 4 Signs Virgo Is Sexually Compatible With

Virgos might come across as being rather uptight and straight but, in the event that they do get to open up to you, the surprise would be all yours.

This earth sign is very caring, selfless and has a rather deep sense of passion and sensuality. They are all about others as they love to help others and are always looking for ways to do things for the people they care about.

Their expert skills of communication, listening and understanding the needs of others are what makes them such great partners in bed as they are more inclined to giving than receiving. 

When it comes to sex, Virgos have a very high sex appeal and this makes almost every sign attracted to them, however, because of the fact that they require a certain bond between themselves and their partners, not every sign can get the pleasure of being with a Virgo.

Virgos are sexually spontaneous and are because of their selflessness, are willing to do almost anything to make sure that their partner is happy when it comes to sex. It is because of this that Virgos are attracted to signs of certain qualities.


If you have ever heard that opposites attract, that is the case with Virgos and Libras. Where Virgos are conservative and organized, Libras tend to be the opposite. Even at that, both Virgos and Libras tend to possess the ability to communicate and know each other very well.

While this similar trait helps them to get close to each other, their differences help to strike a well-defined sexual balance. As giving as Virgos are in bed, Libras match them in receiving and this sort of balance makes both signs sexually compatible.


This is compatibility that spells depth. In the case of Virgos and cancers, they happen to both be very nurturing and very passionate. In this pairing, they both tend to form a bond that goes beyond the physical and becomes emotional. They are both intuitive signs and this makes them very considerate lovers however, when they are together, it forms a level of intimacy that embodies the act of making love. The bond that Virgos and Libras form with each other goes into a romantic, and even spiritual level. This deep bond is one that would remain and turn into a very good friendship even if the sexual aspect is over. 


Where Gemini’s and Virgos are concerned, the main pull is usually the physical attraction and the fact that they are both sex lovers.

In terms of their characters and personalities, they might frustrate each other but that all builds a lot of tension between them sexually and while they can frustrate each other very easily, they do find each other very attractive and this makes their sexual compatibility one that is just super. 


These two are both earth signs and they are both very stubborn. That said, in as much as they may bounce off each other at first, when they do find a middle ground, it creates room for a deeper level of bonding which is difficult to break.

They are both carers and providers and as a result of this, when they come together sexually, fireworks are usually involved. The sexual chemistry between them is usually too hot to handle but together, they handle the heat very well. 

When it comes to sexual compatibility, almost every sign can pair with a Virgo however, to make an excellent sexual partner for a Virgo, there is just that bond that needs to be formed which is not something every sign can handle.

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