The main ways to remove negative energy from your home

How Do You Remove Negative Energy From Your Home?

Negative energy is any form of energy that hinders peace of mind, relaxation, happiness, and productivity. Most times negative energy takes residence after a fight or a bad occurrence. Luckily, negative energy can be expelled and replaced by good energy! 

There are so many practical methods to send negative energy out of your home. Some of these methods include:

Saging your home

Saging, also known as smudging, is one of the most common ways of removing bad energy from your environment. It is a ritual that cleanses the energy in a home and purifies the atmosphere. To sage your home you need to burn a sage stick and allow the smoke to drift to all corners of your house.  

Before you start moving the sage around, your windows or doors must be open to allow the sage to take the negative energy outside your home, to be filtered by Mother Nature. When you move into a new home, it is important to burn sage to send the energy of the previous tenant out of your home. You can also burn sage after an argument occurs in a house to remove any lingering negative energy.  

De-clutter your home 

Do you know that energy resides in objects? If you start to feel like there are negative energies in your home, de-cluttering can help you expel this energy! If you have any furniture or objects in your home that is no longer in use, dispose of them. Then make sure you clean or dust the remaining objects that are still useful. 

Objects that house negative energy can create a blockage emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. Burning sage in your home after de-cluttering can help rid it of lingering negative energy.

Let in natural light and breeze

While artificial light and air conditioners can make your home more comfortable, occasionally letting in natural light and breeze can help expel negative energy. Artificial light and A.Cs requires that your windows and doors stay closed. This can be the reason negative energy dwells in a home for a long period. 

When you open up your windows, the fresh air and light can help drive negative energy away. Shake out your pillows and sheets when you open your windows to ensure the breeze gets to every angle. You can burn some sage while you air out your home to hasten the removal of negative energy. 

Repair or remove broken things 

Leaving broken items unrepaired in your home can set a tone for things you are willing to tolerate or accept in your life. Broken items hold negative energy so try to repair it as soon as possible or throw it out. 

All of the tips above will definitely help remove negative energy from your home. Note that burning sage is very effective so you can smudge after every tip. You can also rearrange the furniture in your space while at it to give it a fresh, new feel!

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