Are you constantly seeing these same repeating Numbers over and over again?

Or maybe seeing numbers that are resonating with you? 

In this video I’m going to show you how the universe is trying to communicate with you through these numbers. 8 8 8.. 

The Cards Don't Lie

So many people have seen the number 8 8 8 recently.

Some are thinking that it might be a sign from God or angels to pay close attention to their surroundings – but can’t decide which one.

And others think that they’re just seeing things because of all the stress going on in their lives right now? 

Well today we’re going to find out if there is any truth behind these so-called “angel numbers” and whether or not they actually mean anything at all.

So Let’s see what the cards say and dive in shall we?

8- Emotional Withdrawal

This card represents moving away or withdrawing from a current situation in your life, whether it’s an old love, relationship, or leaving behind what was once familiar in search of new horizons (new beginnings).

On a physical level, it’s easy to get caught up in the materialistic world, but it’s just as important to retreat from the outside world to enable you to pause, reflect and heal.

Schedule some alone time so you can commune with your soul and give the power of the spirit the opportunity to restore your energy level, giving you the vitality to move forward in a positive direction.

The number 8 represents infinity, passion, control and power.

This is “your” time. Use this opportunity to tap into your heart and soul in order to find the courage and strength to continue your journey into that wonderful, undiscovered territory.

8- Accelerated Motion

This card represents speed, flight, swift movement, hope, passion, and, above all, endings to delays. 

The conditions around you are perfect and appear to be rapidly heading in the direction of your goals and desires. 

Luck is on your side, and your enthusiasm is at an all-time high. 

Brace yourself as you finally witness the manifestation of what you’ve worked for and visualized.

This is a call for initiative, but you should also ask yourself: Is there anything else in my life that I need to act on now?

Be wise and take advantage of these ideal conditions.

  Now isn’t the time for you to fight

8- Trapped In Fear

This card reveals that it’s actually your own fear that has you immobilized and trapped.

preventing you from making decisions or choices.

You are the one who’s holding yourself prisoner (or hostage); and in order to continue your journey, you must first face your fears so that new people and conditions can manifest.

Many individuals choose to stay in this place because they can’t see the road ahead, they feel a misguided sense of safety there, or they’re afraid of starting something new.

But staying will only add to your levels of stress and anxiety and create adverse effects in your physical body.

Seek out wise counsel for assistance.

You don’t have to do this alone, but know that you possess all of the tools that you need to free yourself. you’re forgetting how strong you really are!

This period will end when you use your mind to cut through the limitations caused by your emotions.


Taking some time for yourself can do wonders in terms of restoring your energy and giving you a clear headspace to work from.

The universe is finally starting to answer your prayers, so brace yourself and stay the course!

Remember that you have everything you need within you to achieve success – it’s up to you to use that power wisely.

If you need a little guidance, click here for a personalized reading. We wish you all the best on your journey!