The Relationship Between Numerology And Your Name

Numerology has a great influence on your personal life and attitude development. The numerical value of your name speaks volume of who you are, and it can be the judge for the things you do in life. Basically, there is a strong relationship between your life and numbers.

Now, translating numbers into the letters of your name, each letter represents its corresponding number. These numbers are therefore used to predict an individual’s life, personality, and future.

Your name is what you say when introducing yourself to others; it is the first thing you tell about yourself when meeting a new person. This means your name is a very important element in your life.

Good knowledge and understanding of how numerology influences your name can help you to understand what happens in your health, relationships, career, finance, the totality of your life, and even your spiritual journey in life. It just rounds up every aspect of your life.

Numerology And Your Name

In order to simplify the relationship between letters and numbers, you can refer to letters and their corresponding numbers by making use of the 9 number system (the Pythagorean Number System) which group letters into 9 groups. In this case, each letter falls between 1 – 9. Here are the Relationship Between Numerology And Your Name.

Numerology And Your Name

This chart is a good representation and will help for more understanding.

Calculating Your Special Number

You can get your special number by writing out your full name out on a sheet and assigning their corresponding numbers to them. Cross each letter in your name against its corresponding number. For example, if your name is Mabel, from the table above, M =4, A=1, B=2, E= 5, L=3. Do the same with the rest of your names.

Now that every letter has a corresponding number add the numbers together (ensure to add every single digit in order to get an accurate answer). No matter the length of your name or the resulting large figure, you will end up two digits after adding all together. Mabel: 4+1+2+5+3= 15. Now reduce the two digits into one, 1+5 = 6.

The only exception about summing up the numbers of your name is if you have a master number. If your sum turns out to be a master number such as 11, 22, or 33, you shouldn’t add. These numbers have more depth, so they are usually left that way.

Your Name Numerology And Your Personality

Once you have a number from the sum of your name, you can then look up the number to get an insight into your personality.

Number 1

You are a commander, a self-reliant, determined, passionate, strong-willed individual. People with name number 1 have leadership trait, and they are not afraid to exhibit it. They are pioneers.

Number 2

If you have a name number 2, you are a dependable person. You can be trusted without letting people down. You are a great partner and mediator. Generally caring, always willing to help and completely lovable. Many people who have you never want to lose you because you are a great gift.

Number 3

You are creative! Always finding it pretty easy to socialize and to express yourself. You have a crowd-pulling ability, and you are absolutely interesting.

Number 4

You are organized and consistent.  You love to follow patterns and order.

Number 5

Thumbs up to the fun-loving, expansive, passionate, and adventurous person around here. You love freedom and love to turn up a lot. You have a stimulating and charismatic vibe that magnetizes people to you.

Number 6

This is the number for that one person that loves to help every single time. They are responsible, caring, peaceful, motherly or fatherly.

Number 7

You are a seeker of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. You are also analytic, intelligent, opinionated, and meditating. These people come across as introverts as they love to stay in their shells.

Number 8

You are practical, confident, ambitious, and resourceful. Not only do you dream to achieve; you know how to strategize in order to get what you want. You are always in charge.

Number 9

You have an old soul which makes you act more mature than your age. Always having a positive vibe to share with others. You are selfless, and you have a strong ability to influence others.

Number 10

This is a master number that represents intuition, idealism, and illumination.

Number 11

Another master number representing powerful force, leadership and great endeavors

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