How Burning Sage clears Negative Energy

Sage has been used for many centuries by people of different cultures and tribes to ward off negative energy. It is believed that sage contains cleansing and healing properties. These properties are released to the environment in the form of smoke when the sage is burned.

While sage has other benefits, cleansing a person or space of negative energy is one of its most popular attributes. People burn sage when they move into new homes, start new businesses or when bad things happen in their homes. If you are wondering how exactly sage clears negative energy, keep reading below to find out. 

How does burning sage clear negative energy?


Burning sage is believed to call on the essence/spirit of sacred plants. These spirits locate and drive negative energy away, putting your surroundings in a state of peace, harmony, and balance.

For example, imagine your house is your hand and a sage is water. Before you eat, you wash your hands to prevent germs and bacteria from entering your food or your mouth. This is how sage cleans your house to make living in it peaceful and comfortable. The smoke from the sage attaches itself to negative energy and takes this energy outside the windows or doors. 


Science states that sage, when burned, releases negative ions and neutralizes positive ions. Research shows that this effect on ions can be linked to improving your mood, thereby bringing positive energy.  

The aroma from sage can boost the supply of oxygen to the brain. This takes away tension (negative energy) by causing relaxation in the muscles. The smoke from sage can also change the molecular structure of the air, thereby cleansing the air. 

Lastly, our sense of smell has a strong connection to our memories and instinct. Pleasant aromas can make you feel relaxed and peaceful while unpleasant aromas can trigger anxiousness and discomfort. Sage provides a therapeutic aroma. When you battle with negative feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, depression or frustration, the aroma of sage can help calm you and fill you with positivity. 

The best way to burn sage

To rid your environment of negative energy, you need to use sage the right way. 

While you can choose to burn sage in your home daily, you can also use it occasionally. For instance, when you move into a new house or a new office space, it is advisable that you burn sage. This can remove the previous owner’s energy and leave the space fresh for your own energy. You can also burn sage after a renovation or a major clean up as a way to reset. 

You can choose to sage your home after having visitors over to clear out their energies, especially if there was a misunderstanding during the visit. 

To sage your space, start by opening up with windows or doors. Cautiously light one end of the sage and give it a minute to smolder. When the smoke billows, move it around like a wand. If it’s your house, waft the sage from room to room speaking out your intentions of clearing negative energy. Fan the smoke in the direction of the door or windows to lead the bad energy away from your home! 

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