The Sign Of Virgo

Virgo is known as the disappointed goddess and with good reason. When Virgos first came to planet earth, they made it their mission to do good.

They looked to find ways to help mankind by trying to help them find goodness, purity, and justice within themselves. However, the more they tried to find it, the more they got disappointed.

As a result of this, they developed the perception that disappointment will always be inevitable. 

The first thing to know about the Virgo sign is that it is one of the earth signs along with Capricorn and Taurus.

As a matter of fact, they happen to be right in between the other two earth signs which makes them a bit of both. They are represented historically by the goddess of agriculture and wheat. This speaks a lot for their affinity towards healthy food.

The Virgo sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and this also adds to their character.

As characters go, Virgos are strong and yet rather conservative. They are extremely very well organize and as a result, any lack of organization tends to set them off.

They are practical about life and are strict when it comes to defining their goals. Their need for organization makes them very attentive to the tiniest details and as a result of this, they tend to be methodical in their approach.

This means that they leave nothing to chance and even though this might seem cold, they do have an intense sense of feeling for humanity.

This feeling drives them to be compelled to serve and constantly help others and it makes them careful. 

As Virgos go, they are mostly misunderstood and this is owing to their inability to see beyond reason even when it comes to their feelings.

They can become over critical, often seeing things that would be overlooked by most people and getting fixated on these little things. 

Virgos are very communicative as is common with being ruled by the planet Mercury. They usually have a highly developed ingrained writing and speech ability and because of this, many of them are creative.

Virgos may seem tough on the exterior but they are really rather soft. They require a partner who would make them feel safe enough to open up and show their soft vulnerability. This trait of theirs also applies to friendships.

They would prefer stability over casual fun when it comes to relationships as for them, trust is very important even though developing it would be slow and steady and would require a lot of patience. 

As a friend, Virgos are very reliable and level-headed. They are problem solvers and this can make them both extremely helpful an extremely inquisitive. This is because they always feel the need to look for problems to solve. When a Virgo builds a friendship with people, they treasure it for a very long time. This makes them continue to be nurturing and caring in every way. 

Virgos are not afraid of hard work. In fact, because off their affinity to find and solve problems, they tend to be very analytical and practical. This combined with their obsession for being organized and their incredible attention to tiny details makes them as close as possible to being natural perfectionists. 

The date range of Virgos is between august 23rd to September 22nd. Their most outstanding quality is the ability to be mutable. Their weaknesses are shyness, being overly critical of themselves as well as others, letting themselves get engrossed in work and over worrying. More than anything, Virgos dislike having to ask for help, rudeness and having to take center stage.

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