The Signs Virgos Are Not Compatible With

Virgos are naturally intense people. They are perfectionists, practical and can come across as cold. They are also very organized, detail-oriented and rather critical.

Despite being very caring people, their attributes are not exactly very warm and welcoming especially in the long run. As a result of this, not every sign can put up with Virgos for a long time. They require a deep sense of connection to open up. They really do not do well with impracticality and this can make them seem very introverted even though they are conservative by nature.

While most signs would go along swimmingly with this earth sign, some are just bound to butt heads about too many things and are best not getting involved with Virgos. These are The Signs Virgos Are Not Compatible With


Cancers and Virgos might have a thing in the bedroom since they are both sensual and passionate but when it comes to other aspects, they are just not compatible. Cancers are sensitive over-thinkers and they can get deeply affected by a Virgos compulsive need to attend to details. While a Virgo would want to be better and would try to create the avenue for that, a cancer might see it as being controlling. Since they just doing the best that they can, it can come across as being pressurizing for Cancers. They both love to overthink things and worry. Virgos and cancers can very easily transfer their anxious energy to each other which would create a sense of paranoia. Also, when it comes to talking things out, while a Virgo would stay focused on facts, a cancer would focus on emotions which can create a lot of misunderstanding.


Leos are a fire sign and this is the major reason they are not compatible with Virgo which is an earth sign. Being a fire sign, Leos are spunky and spontaneous. They are very inclined to risk and can just want to want fun. This is very different from a Virgo who is less risk inclined, dedicated and hardworking, practical and very organized. Virgos seem to be a thing of puzzle to Leos. As they can almost never understand why the earth signers are as regimented as they are. Even though if they decided to allow it, they could learn from each other in the sense that a Virgo can help to keep a Leo grounded. While a Leo would certainly help a Virgo to loosen up; The fact is that they are both very strong-headed and rather set in their ways and so, changing each other is not something that would happen easily. In essence, they are both different and do not understand each other’s differences. 


Sagittarius are a free-spirited sign and this can spell trouble when brought forward to a Virgo. Sagittarians are adventurous and never want to feel contained. As a result of this, the organized and detailed precision that Virgos bring pose a threat to their freedom.

To a Virgo, a Sagittarius might come across as being reckless and irresponsible. While to a Sagittarius, a Virgo can come across as being a buzz kill. Despite the fact that they are both spontaneous and would most likely get along very well when it comes to having banter and flirting, the fact remains that both their attributes are the opposite of each other and this can create friction and conflict.

While these signs are not compatible with Virgos, it does not completely eliminate the possibility of a relationship or a friendship between them.

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