The top 5 benefits Sage brings to your home

What Does Saging The House Do?

Saging, also known as smudging, is a spiritual ritual with Native American origins. It is a way of cleansing yourself, your home or your belongings of negative energy.

When you perform this ritual, the smoke from the sage clings to any negative energy lingering and goes with it outside your home or space. Once it’s outside, Mother Earth filters the negative energy, leaving only good energy behind. 

If you see or hear people talk about occasionally saging their homes and wonder why. Here are some reasons why they do it.  

1. Saging purifies the home

When you burn sage in your home, it cleanses it and purifies your space. For example, if you recently move into a new house or a new office, saging it can help clear out the space, taking away any negative energy left behind by the previous owner. Saging after a fight with your significant other or children can also help take away the negative energy. If you feel there is no negative energy in your home, saging can help maintain peace and happiness. 

2. Saging is great for aromatherapy 

Sage has a nice aroma that can provide therapeutic benefits. Burning some sage in your home can help clarify and stimulate your mind. It also provides a soothing, strengthening and uplifting effect to your sense that enhances memory and sharpens your mind. Asides enjoying its health and spiritual benefits, you can sage your home to unwind with its aroma.  

3. Saging balances your mood

Our moods can be unpredictable sometimes. One moment you may feel very happy, and the next moment you might encounter something that will dampen your spirit.

Dealing with this feeling of sadness or depression can be tough. Luckily, saging is a good way to help restore your good mood. Sage burning can help you feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings, causing you to relax.

4. Saging helps relieve health condition

Scientific studies have shown that sage clears the air of bugs, bacteria, as well as neutralizes positive ions. Sage can clear your home of pollutions, mold, pet dander and dust. Hence people with allergies, asthma or bronchitis can live in or visit your home with lesser risks of an attack. Note that people with respiratory conditions should not be in the house while you sage but only after it clears out.

5. Saging helps soothe stress

When you come home after a busy day at work, saging can help you relax and reduce your stress. As mentioned earlier, sage helps expel negative energy from a home. Tension and stress can be said to be negative energies so it drives them away. Saging your home can also improve the quality of your rest. When you feel relieved of tension, you can relax and sleep like a baby.

There is a lot to benefit from saging your home. It drives away all forms of negative energies, leaving behind only good energy and a nice aroma. Try saging your home today! 

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