Top meditation books for beginners

If you are one of the forward-thinking people looking to shape their lives through meditation, then we must congratulate you on taking the first step towards a better and more prosperous existence. Much the same as our journey in life, there are many stages to meditation, and as a beginner, you’ll need someone to guide you through the different stages.  But as you already know, getting someone to show you the ropes is not the easiest task when it comes to meditation. The reason is simple, meditation is a lifelong journey with no definitive end. Even the self-acclaimed masters of meditation still refer to themselves as learners, because there is no limit to discovering yourself through meditation.

But while everyone is a student of meditation, there are a few distinctive individuals who have acquired a wealth of experience in the field. As a result, it provides apt information and guidance on specific areas of meditation practice. They have written their experiences on paper to share them with anyone that desires guidance through the preliminary and advanced stages of meditation. Thus, if you desire purposeful guidance through the different techniques and stages of mediation, you can read these books to get started.

3 best meditation books for beginners.

There are a plethora of meditation books out there for beginners. Depending on your preference, you can get these books in paperbacks or ebooks.  Here are 3 must-read meditation books for beginners.

1. Kathleen McDonald

How to meditate: a practical guide

You probably won’t find any meditation book that is more straightforward than Kathleen McDonald’s book. The fact that the book is titled how to meditate should tell you that the author is not messing around. The author, Kathleen Mcdonald, is a Buddhist nun from the west, and she has acquired extensive knowledge from tutoring and practicing meditation. This book epitomizes the wealth of experience that Kathleen McDonald has acquired through her years of meditation practice. In the book, she delivers different meditation techniques in simple and straightforward language that almost anyone can understand.

2. Thich Nhat Hanh

The miracle of mindfulness: an introduction to the practice of meditation

Almost everywhere you look these days, you’ll find meditation beginners talking about this book. They have only good things to say. In this book, the author offers practical approaches to meditation. In this way, making it easy for anyone, regardless of their meditation experience, to pick up meditation and enjoy the practice. If you are looking for a meditation book that simplistically covers spirituality, this is it.

3. Rebecca E. Williams

The mindfulness workbook for addiction

If you’re picking up meditation to overcome stress, grief, anger, or addiction, Rebecca Williams’ workbook can help you reach your goals faster. This book provides insightful tips on how to stop numbing your pain and postponing your healing. Thus, inciting true relieve from within. The author is an experienced clinical physiologist that specializes in addiction and recovery from mental illness. Therefore, you can expect a more hands-on approach to meditation in this book.


Time will not permit us to list other amazing meditation books for beginners. But by reading these books, you can gain insight into the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of meditation.

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