Unlocking The Crown Chakra (7th Purple Chakra)

This Chakra can be seen at the crown of the head. This is said to be the first type of Chakra, as it ranks above the other major Chakras. 7th chakra is also called Sahasrara or the crown chakra or purple chakra. 

Why Is The 7th Chakra Important?

The crown chakra is the seventh one and is said to have all the qualities that are seen in the other chakras. It is seen as the leader of the others. 

This gives one the needed spiritual connection and enlightenment to everything that exists in the universe. The Sahasrara is believed to connect everyone to the higher variation of themselves.

Apart from that, it links everyone to one another, as well as allows them to tap into the divine energy. This divine energy that is being tapped into is the creator of everything that exists in the universe, including every life form.

The universe allows its life form to get into one’s energy system via the crown. From the crown chakra, it moves to the other chakras that exist. This is the major energy source that connects to other chakra energy centers. From the other chakras, this life form moves down to the Root Chakra.

purple chakra

Once the crown chakra is not balanced or opened, every other chakra in the body and mind won’t work. Those that have the open and balanced chakra, they have intense peace, joy, and serenity. They are noticed to be one with the universe around them. One the chakra is blocked, every other thing in the body suffers because there won’t be an entry for the life form to get access to. 

The Purple Chakra Test When It’s Blocked

Those that have a block 7th chakra tend to battle with a lot of ailments from a headache down to terminal illnesses. Psychologically, such a person starts to feel that he or she doesn’t have a purpose in life. You start to spend your days worrying, and if care is not taken, depression sets in.

Someone that is extremely cynical and has a strong distrust of those around may have a clogged 7th chakra.

Those with clogged chakra tend to have the following:







Nervous system issues


Sleep dysfunction


Brain cancer



Chronic pain


Autoimmune diseases


Glandular disorders

Common Physical Symptoms

Light sensitivity and so on.

This is one reason that the crown chakra should be open and balanced at all times.

How to heal the crown chakra

If you want to heal your crown chakra, it can be done easily. Here are some ways:

Chakra Meditation

You should consider meditating. Meditation helps to improve the functioning of the Crown chakra, which also improves the functioning of the other chakra.

Embrace love

Going for love improves your crown chakra by far. You should allow love reign in your heart and kick out hatred, and in no time, your crown chakra will be working well. 

Kick out your ego. 

Ego kills the crown chakra. Kiss your ego goodbye, and the effects will shock you

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