Unlocking the Root Chakra healing (1st Chakra)

The 1st chakra which is the root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is the source of the most primal energy to the body and it is associated with the most basic needs for survival. The red color of the root chakra fosters the sense of being grounded and safety. When the chakra is closed or unbalanced however several negative feelings and emotions would begin to arise such as being short-tempered, making poor decisions, feeling insecure, etc. 

It is because of this that it is important to keep the root chakra unlocked and balanced. Some several simple steps and exercises can be carried out to help heal and unlock the root chakra healing and they include:


One of the most basic symptoms of a blocked root chakra is the feeling of not being grounded and this can very easily be rectified by making a connection with the earth. The easiest way to do this is to simply stand and let your arms rest free at your sides. Let your hips rest forward slightly and then, simply breathe. On every exhale, you would feel the earth connection getting stronger.


Every movement that is made is done in connection with the earth and as such movement is important in unlocking the root chakra. It does not matter the kind of movement or the intensity of the movement. What matters is being aware of the body as it moves and as it makes the connection with the earth.

When walking being mindful is also key to unlocking the root chakra. Being mindfully aware of every single breath, step, swing, and swagger the body makes would help to deepen the connection to the earth and improve the feeling of being grounded.

Surround Yourself with Red

The color red is the color of the root chakra and it represents passion, vitality, and survival. Surrounding yourself with this color would help to remind you of what it represents. It would also help to create an awareness of the root chakra which in itself is very key towards the unlocking of the chakra. You can simply start by incorporating the color into your daily life with clothes, decor, etc.

After that, you graduate to visualizing the color or even meditating on the color for a few minutes. This would help to create the awareness of your basic primal energy and unlock the root chakra.


When it comes to unlocking the root chakra yoga poses is closely related and is no stranger to it. In line with that, simple yoga stretches that focus on the legs, arms, and bending can help to unlock the root chakra. Stretches like the tree pose, downward-facing dog, eagle pose, mountain pose, and the wide-legged forward bend can help to create the feeling of being grounded and help to unlock the root chakra.

Unlocking the root chakra is important in order for a person to feel safe, confident and secure. By following the above steps to unlocking the root chakra, a deeper sense of having a foundation would be created.

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