Unlocking the Sacral Chakra Meditation (2nd Chakra)

The second chakra which is the sacral chakra is known as the seat of emotion. This is located on the pubic bone and it is where creativity, sexuality and desire and compassion spin from as well as reproduction.

This chakra when out of balance can lead up to the following symptoms: premenstrual syndrome, hypoglycemia, anemia, joint issues, lower back issues, spleen and kidney issues, and low energy levels. On a psychological level, it can also lead to over sensitivity, co-dependency, fear or anxiety, manipulation, panic attacks, and depression. 

Having the sacral chakra unlocked is important to promote a healthy interpersonal relationship between people and to help regulate emotions. Here are ways to unlock the sacral chakra meditation.


Dancing is an activity that is considered an exercise as it gives the same results. Apart from having fun, it also releases endorphins in the body and to the brain which makes the body feel good. The movements of dancing also help to promote the flow of energy in the body. All of these help to heal and unlock the sacral chakra.

Use Your Senses

The one sense that is most in tune with emotions is the sense of smell. When the sacral chakra is locked, using this sense is a great way to unlock it. All forms of pleasant fragrances would help to promote the flow of positive energy and emotions and this would unlock the sacral chakra. For this act, essential oils such as orange, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, and Clary sage are just perfect.

Offload Your Emotions

Carrying emotional baggage can weigh down a person. Because the sacral chakra is where emotions lie, emotional baggage can simply block off the chakra. It is important to learn to let go of emotional baggage. Release the emotional tension to allow the sacral chakra to be unlocked. You can consider talking about it, writing it or even singing it out. Any positive form of emotional expression is a sure way to help unlock your sacral chakra.

Use the Color Orange

The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange which stands for creativity, desire, and compassion. Incorporating this color into your daily life would not only help to remind you of what it stands for but, the warmth of the color itself would help to improve your emotions and promote the healing and unlocking of the sacral chakra. Another way of using the color orange is to visualize it through meditation. This would help you to focus on the color and allow the warming effects of it to unlock your sacral chakra.

Try Yoga To Unlock The Sacral Chakra Meditation

Yoga is no stranger when it comes to unlocking chakras and since the sacral chakra is located on the pubic bone, simple yoga poses that can help open up the hips are very helpful I’m unlocking the sacral chakra. These poses include the pigeon pose, the open-angle pose, the frog pose, the fire log pose, and the cow face pose.

Enjoying an open sacral chakra is as easy as following the above steps.

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