Vrishabha Rashi – Taurus Sign

The 2nd Zodiac Sign is Taurus, Vrishabha Rashi. It’s an Earth sign and it can be outgoing or shy depending on the different types of people in this category. They are practical but they’re still always looking for some way to take care of themselves whether that means making a joke out well-organized life plan at work which includes time off every once in awhile because you deserve it!

The Taurus are loyal and dependable. They do not believe in change, but love their friends, family, loved ones to the point of being considered stubborn by many people.

Most Taureans born enjoy good food with a side dish of loyalty- they have an attachment or fixation on those who matter most as well as their jobs/projects that make them feel complete (or whole). Paradoxically though these fixed individuals dislike changes because it makes things different than before–not better.


Often, people with Vrishabha Rashi are idealistic and see the world in a bright light. They have an optimistic outlook on life as well – they always see the best side of things!

Often, those born under this sign can be perfect for occupations that involve communication – such as talk show host or politician.


Bulls are known for their power and strength. They can be soft when they want to, but as soon as you provoke them or try and distract them from what they’re working on then the bulls come out!

The Vrishabha Rashi is the most grounded of all signs, as they refuse to take on any unnecessary risks that might jeopardize their stability. They are also materialistic and give a lot of importance to creature comforts- what’s more pragmatic than that? In spite of this one minor detail though, there can be no better friend if you’re considering someone who will remain by your side through thick or thin.


Vrishabha individuals are excellent lovers, as they value their loved ones over everyone and everything. Their own personal lives and security net is precious to their lover, so don’t be shy when it comes to showering them with amazing gifts!


It’s important to have a good voice tone when it comes to friendships. You need the right balance of being friendly but not too pushy or clingy, and also supportive without going overboard with advice. It can be difficult sometimes because you want them so much for them to stay in your life forever, but that might not always happen–and if they don’t behave like friends should at times then maybe you’ll just break up from their friendship instead?

If someone has formed a close relationship with another person as an ally and friend over time, there are lots of things worth knowing about how these people act towards one another!


The love for a Vrisha native should be affectionate and physical. They value the material comforts of life, so they are drawn to people who have an abundance in these areas too.


They are born with great physical stamina, so they get to avoid any health problems during childhood. But as you grow older and wiser, it’s easy to overindulge in food and drink until one day your weight starts creeping up on you–and not just a little bit! Their throat is also sometimes sensitive which could lead them into congestion at times. What these people need from time-to-time is good old fashioned moderation; this includes their diet but more importantly the exercise that keeps them leaner than most others when all of those other vices start catching up with them later in life!

To protect your voice you should avoid yelling and talking in a high-pitched tone. You will want to use an easy, soothing sound that is not too exaggerated or over the top.

The volume of our voices matters more than we may think when it comes to how effective they are on others around us – especially children who are still developing their vocal chords! When speaking with little ones be sure not only watch what you say but also take note of the way in which you speak so as to have them grow up feeling confident about themselves and knowing that there’s nothing wrong if someone disagrees with one opinion.

Traits of Taurus

Known for being practical, ambitious and sensual, the people born under Vrishabha Rashi are also good with finances. This makes them efficient financial managers but they can be prone to negativity as well–just like everyone else!


Positive traits: These friendly souls have a sensible and down to earth personality. They are polite, pleasant people who enjoy being around respectable individuals. When they make friends it’s easy for them because of their behavior efficiency and self-confidence in everything they do.


Negative traits: Many people born under Vrishabha Rashi, although easy-going and respectful, can be surprisingly stubborn. They refuse to budge from their self-indulgent approach even when it causes them trouble in the long run. This leaves others feeling ignored or disrespected because of how rude they are; while these individuals may have patience for themselves, but not so much for other’s feelings on occasion. Being inflexible is one thing that makes this birth sign both lazy and materialistic at times too – as a result many find they come across as possessive more often than not which ultimately costs them any genuine relationships with those who care about what matters most: honest communication between two minds (or hearts)


The Vrishabha people are born to indulge in physical pleasures and material comforts, but they will go the extra mile for these desires. They’re stubborn when it comes to work; this can be both a boon or burden depending on their situation. They have many qualities: happy, willing, patient and sincere attitudes that make them great team players because of how much effort they put into what others would view as mundane tasks

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