The experience of being spiritually awake can be described in different ways and this is influenced by your belief system.

However, spiritual awakening involves being opened to dimensions of reality that transcend your own self-awareness.

Your awakening occurs when you are able to function above your self-centered inner voice.

Also tendencies of self-criticism and your self-centered cosmology due to the emergence of a more spiritual self.

This process can be quite a challenge. It may be painful since you have to let go of certain beliefs about yourself. Also beliefs and ideas about the world around you.

Enhanced world-view and perception

Intensified perception is one of the things that occur when you experience a spiritual awakening.

This implies that you begin to notice your immediate environment more. You also develop a new perspective on the things which you come in contact with every day.

Almost as if it is the first time.

An example is getting fascinated by a tree suddenly when it has always been in the background and you never really noticed it the way you do now.

It could be that you get to have a new perception of someone’s personality that feels like a new discovery even if you have known them for quite long.

having increased perception makes you appreciate the present more and keeps you less interested in the things that are taking place somewhere else such as events that took place in the past or the fear of the outcome of the future.

Being able to minimize these distractions means that you become more immersed in the present which helps you see things better.

This improves your ability to read not only situations but people too.

A feeling of connection

Another sign of spiritual awakening is that you get to feel a lot more connected. Your internal world distracts you less. Since your awakening will cause you to be more engaged and focused on the present.

This helps you to connect better with the energy that you find around and operate on a spiritual frequency more than you ever did. This feeling of connection could be manifested in different ways. It could range from feeling really loved or the feeling that you were never alone even if you thought you were.

Seeing signs

Spiritual awakening may manifest by your ability to notice signs. For example, you might be experiencing a problem and notice a symbol that has so much meaning to you.

It reminds you that you’ve got the support that you need and were never alone.

Your spiritual awakening could be tied to numerology. Seeing and recognizing numbers has been linked to the Divine. Numbers have a lot of significance. Being able to repeatedly see number sequences shows that you are connected with the universe.

It is a pointer to the fact that your spirit guides are providing you with intuitive support.

Since numerals carry a distinct vibration, numerologists can determine the message being communicated to you by the universe according to the sequences that you come across.

In numerology, 11:11 happens to be a very popular number sequence. It is widely believed that it carries a message that you have become spiritually awake.

If you come across this sequence repeatedly, the universe is trying to tell you something. That you are currently experiencing spiritual Awakening which opens you up to your unique divine potential. 11:11 is proof of your alignment with your destiny and superior guidance and support.