Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet?

One of the best ways to utilize the benefits of a crystal is by wearing it and wearing it correctly. The wonderful thing about crystals is that they can be rather inexpensive and come in various types. There is indeed a piece of affordable crystal jewelry out there for everyone. One of the best crystal jewelry to wear is the crystal bracelet. It is simple, stylish and looks absolutely great to wear. 

Crystal bracelets come with their different qualities. For instance, some are known to help improve the memory and the intuition of the wearer. This is something that everybody can really use. It has even been known to help with the revelation of false friends. Others can help to promote a sense of inner calm and spiritual growth and despite all of these benefits, they still look great. 

When making use of a crystal bracelet, it is not just enough to choose the best-looking one. It is also important to know how to wear it to effectively utilize the power of the crystal. To this effect, there is the principle behind what hand to wear your crystal bracelet. This principle of wearing a crystal bracelet is “the left into and the right out.”

This is the basic principle of wearing the crystal bracelets and it is based on the flow of energies through the left and the right side of the body. 

Which Side To Wear Your Crystal Bracelet

The left side of the body is known as the sensitive side of the body and it has been called the feminine side of the body. The left side of the body is the part that deals with the inner self. This side is focused on creating the changes that you want on your inside. Wearing the crystal bracelet on the left-hand helps in controlling stress, and rechanneling the stress from your external environment. It also helps to improve the flow of healing energy throughout the body.

The right side of the body is known as the action or the doer side of the body and it has been called the masculine side of the body. This side of the body deals with how the wearer relates to the external environment. It is more about taking action and getting things done in the outside world. Wearing the crystal bracelet on the right-hand helps in promoting productivity. It helps the wearer to control the energy that they emit to their external environment. Wearing the crystal bracelet on the right side of the body is very pivotal in helping to release the toxins that are in the body and help in the alignment of the chakras. 

Knowing how the left and the right sides of the body operate in terms of the flow of energy, it would help in the understanding of how best to find the right balance in wearing the crystal bracelet on both the right and the left side. This would help the wearer to fully utilize the benefits of the crystal bracelet.

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