Libra relationship Sexually Compatible With

Libras are people who like to be attached, they like to always be in a partnership and because of this, relationships for them are a way of being balanced in life. Libras are also very notorious flirts and because of this, it is rather difficult to tell if they are truly interested in having a sexual relationship with anyone.

Despite this, Libras are also very romantic and very giving when it comes to sex. What signs are most compatible with Libras sexually, well, here they are:


Because they are both of the fire and the air elements, they both dance very well together complimenting each other and creating an enviable connection. As a Libra, being sought after is something that thrills them and this is something that Aries has absolutely no problem with. Arieses love challenges and would be thrilled at the thought of a conquest. The slightest hint of interest to an Aries would send them running after a Libra and this would give the Librans a chance to play hard to get.

However, in as much as Librans love this game, it does not last long with Aries as they are usually coming fast and burning hot.

The great thing about this pairing is, both these signs love these games and the dance with each other.


This is another fire sign but the force here is not as strong as it is with Aries. While Aries would chase a Libra to the ends of the earth and back, a Leo also wants to be chased and would most likely not satisfy the need that a Libra has to be sought after. What makes these signs dance well together, however, is the fact that while a Libra is naturally a giver, a Leo is very passionate and affectionate and this would bring out a new level of sexual awareness in a Libra such that they will be adoring of a Leo. This, in turn, would cause a Leo to hunt down a Libra as that adoration is what they crave.

Together, a Leo and a Libra would have a very easy relationship as conversations would be effortless and it would be a thing of joy to explore places together.

A Leo being strong would give a Libra the kind of security and balance that they like in life.


This is yet another one of the fire signs and while just like the Leo, they do not burn as hot as Aries, they do, however, provide more for a Libra than Leo.

The fact that Sagittarius are free-spirited is an attractive quality to a Libra as well as the fact that they are hunters by nature.

If a Libra should so much as turn away, the Sagittarius would be in hot pursuit and this is appeals greatly to Librans. Sagittariuses are not subtle in bed and they can very easily bring pleasure to a Libran whether or not they have the permission to do so.

They are swift and would literally sweep a Libran off their feet with all, manner of sexual passion which can easily leave a Libra numb for a while. With a Sagittarius the need for adventure would definitely be met most of the time.

Libras can be very attractive and attracted to almost all the signs because of their flirtation character, however, because of their need to pair in order to create a balance for themselves, they require a strong personality to be sexually compatible and this is why all of the fire elements are perfect candidates for sexual compatibility with a Libra.

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